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So, today when Doug and I were putting together our little dinner, a guy came to our house and asked if we needed yard work done. I was like, “Not today, but…” and he was all, “Look, I don’t like handouts, I like to earn my money… blah blah blah”. He said he did yard work regularly for one of our neighbors and kept his tools there so he could easily get them… He said a lot of things. I don’t know if I believed them all, but at least that much was true. In the end I was like, Well, we do need some work done on our yard, so why not? I figured it wasn’t a lot of work done that needed done — a few weeds pulled up, sweep up some leaves, &c… — so he’d be here an hour… tops. Dear reader, he was out there working for over three hours. We negotiated the price up front, so he didn’t ask me for any more money than what we agreed on, but it was exhausting for me, y’all, to have a stranger basically at my house for that long. I mean, he never came in the house, but he was fussing around the front for a long time. But I’m gonna tell y’all right now. I am exhausted. If I’da know he was gonna be hanging around that long, I would have asked him to come back another day just so I could prepare myself to have a stranger here. Because I was so not mentally prepared for that.

I mean, if Mister can do it, why can’t I? 🐱

Like I can deal with having people around and with being in a crowd. But I need to mentally prepare myself for the… ordeal? not that bad… I can’t think of the right word of having people around me. I need to know how long I’m going to be among people and when I (or they) can leave. I had sort of built myself up to have this guy today out there for about an hour, but he was there for three times as long and my mind just didn’t deal well with that. I mean, he did a good job. I’m not complaining about that, but damn, my brain is tired because I was in a constant state of, “Why is he still out there? I thought he would be gone by now. When is he leaving?” It sounds awful, but I was totally not prepared to have anyone at my house today, let alone a stranger. Even if he was outside the whole time and just doing yard work. My brain is weird y’all, but that’s just the way it is.

This is Doug more than me, but yeah…

It didn’t help that the dogs were barking at him sporadically the entire time he was out there. That’s their job, but it also got very tiring. Anyway, that was my day today. Doug and I had a small dinner of beef and mashed potatoes. And all in all it was a good day. I’m not overly stressed. I mean, my yard got done for a relatively cheap price and it’s not dude’s fault that my brain is wired wrong. Hope anyone who celebrates had a good Thanksgiving and for those who don’t, hope you had a good day.

Me and Doug most nights. 🙂 Though fewer books and more computers.

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  1. I sooo get you on this one! We recently had a worker here for 6 days building our new fireplace. He’d done another project for us a few months ago so we are already well acquainted and friendly but I’ll tell you, those 6 days wore me out and I was mostly hiding in the den! He did a wonderful job, we had some awesome deep conversations and shared a meal or 2 but I was so glad when the job was completed and I had my mental space and privacy restored. I was absolutely depleted/exhausted!


    1. I feel ya. We had some electricians here for many days over the estimated time and even though they did a great job and we’d worked with them before, it really drained me.


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