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Some weirdness…

Over the past couple of days there’s been some… oddness in my house. Not enough to, like, call the cops over or anything but enough to make my hypervigilance go pinging. So, since we’ve moved in there have been some strange things going on — One example is the cameras we have about the house outside are hooked up to a central monitor and several times I’ve woken up and there’s a pop-up on the screen asking for the password. Which is weird, but maybe there’s a glitch in software. I dunno. It’s just something I’ve noticed. Nothing appears to have been changed in the cameras, so it’s weird. But I’m no stranger to weird things going on around me.

Comic with boy and tiger in a tent. Boy says to tiger in the first panel "Good night, Hobbes" Tiger replies, "Good night". Second panel from outside the tent, no dialog. Third panel, also outside the tent, dialog panel reads, "Do you believe in ghosts?" Fourth panel, it's morning and both are outside the tent, boy with a ray gun and tiger with a baseball bat, it appears they've been sitting like this all night.
Calvin & Hobbes… old but gold.

But the last couple of days there have been things moved around at my desk. Like, I have a bin I keep stuff in, and it’s usually pushed up under a set of shelves also on my desk. Yesterday morning I came out and it was pushed away from the shelves. Doug says he didn’t move it, and I believe him. I mean, he has no reason to be at my desk. This morning, my back scratcher and the washcloth I use as a coaster were moved from the left side of the desk to the right. Like, that’s just bizarre, y’all. I mean, I’m 98% sure that I didn’t put them there. There’s a slim chance that I could have picked both of those objects up and moved them to the other side of my desk for… reasons and then not remembered doing so. But why would I? For sure, I could have used the back scratcher and set it down on where I found it without realizing it. But I usually put it where it is to keep it out of the way. And there’s no reason I can think of to move the washcloth. Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist, so I have no actual answers as to why strange things keep happening. Like, I don’t really believe in ghosts, and moving things about is just an odd thing for ghosts to do. I mean, why would they do that? And if a ghost is gonna haunt me by moving things around, they should do it when I can see them do it, not when I’m asleep. You know? Anyway, my first thought was that we must have a nocturnal rodent or something, which would explain the security monitor asking for the password — something walked over the mouse. And a night time rodent *might* explain the bin moving — it walked behind the bin looking for nummies. And I can deal with a nocturnal rodent so long as it doesn’t multiply and make life difficult. But! and this is a big but… that would not explain the back scratcher and the washcloth moving because of how I keep them on my desk. I mean, the scratcher is hooked on a lamp, and that would be way difficult for a rodent to pick up and move. If it tried, it would end up dragging the lamp with the scratcher, because, you know, no thumbs. Also, in moving the scratcher from where it is to where it was, a rodent would have had to drag it (and the washcloth) over the keyboard and mouse to where I found them this morning. A visual:

picture of a backscratcher, cup of coffee, and other desk paraphernalia.
visual of how I keep my backscratcher

Like I said, dear reader, I don’t know why things on my desk are suddenly being moved around. Doug says he’s not doing it, and I believe him. He has no reason to go on my desk and muck about, and he’s not the jokester type. If Mister were younger and more agile, I might believe it was him, but he’s old and fat. Also, if he were inclined to move things around on the furniture, I don’t think he’d start with my backscratcher. And I’m fairly sure that there would be a lot more things on the floor and a lot fewer things just being moved from one place to another. There’s nothing missing. Like I have money on my desk — not a lot of money, but it’s cash, and it’s still there. Anyway, I just kind of wanted to “talk” about it since this time of the plague means I don’t really have anyone to talk to and while I love my husband, he’s not a talker. ^_^ Not that I can talk right now because I still have a sore throat and no voice, but y’all know what I mean. Anyway, thanks for listening.

Mister is my cat

5 thoughts on “Some weirdness…

  1. My Swedish spouse tells me Tomte move around items in your house.

    “The tomte is an essential part of Scandinavian folklore. He’s a little gnome of sorts, dedicated to one home or farm, looking out for the farm animals and children of the place, pattering about by night, unseen, to check on everyone’s welfare.”

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    1. If that’s so, this Tomte must be attached to one of my pets since things have been moved around in all of our houses (no farm animals or kids though). I’ll have to look further into that. 🙂


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