Daily life

A little weirdness

When Doug and I moved into this house, we had a few things done to make life easier for us. We didn’t go hog wild, but we made a few changes. One of the things we did was replace all of the outdated appliances in the kitchen. Eventually, we’ll change a few more things, but that’s years out. Anyway, for some reason, we ended up with several of the old appliances stacked up in my front room thusly:

old appliances

Yep, dear reader, I’ve been staring at those for quite a few months now. I mean it’s not terrible or world ending, but… And of course, the plague hit so we kept putting off having them removed. I called Habitat for Humanity, but they didn’t want them. I tried giving them away online, but no one wanted to come get them. And the thrift stores are closed. The ones that just opened aren’t taking stuff like this. They’re not old, but I guess they’re too old to give away for free. Whatever. So eventually I said, “Whatever, I’ll just junk them.” So I went online and this is where the weirdness begins. I used a local company’s online form to ask for a quote. They sent me a message, on my phone, to text a picture to a number. That message disappeared. Like I couldn’t find it anywhere on my phone. It wasn’t in my email, or in my messages. So I called them and asked for the number to message the above picture to them. It was the same number that I called. Okay… I texted the picture above. They were all, “Just the one picture?” and I was all, “Um how many more do you need? Like this is literally all I need for you to pick up.” They gave me a quote and I once again called them — because I don’t do texting well — and said, “Sure, let’s set up a time.”

I guess the person on the other end doesn’t do talking on the phone like I don’t do texting because he was all, “Let me look at the schedule and I’ll text you back.” I said I was cool with that. Three days go by, which is okay because weekend… I sent them a text and was like, “Hey, can we set a time?” and they were all, “Yeah we can come out tomorrow at 1” which is today. That was okay, like I’m not doing anything. I gave them my address and it was all set.

Yeah, they showed up at ten this morning. I totally was not ready for them at that time. I mean, I didn’t have to do a lot to get ready, but I asked the person who set the time to have them call me so I could put the dogs out. Plus I needed to get a table out of the way. Plus! that initial message asking me to send them a picture showed back up on my phone this morning. Like, I totally think this company isn’t communicating well within itself. The guy who showed up was nice and apologized. He said he misread his schedule (or something) and hey, these things happen. Luckily, I’m here all of the time, so whatever. They took the stuff, got paid and that was that. I no longer have to worry about looking at defunct appliances, so I’m happy, and I don’t have to spend the rest of the day waiting for someone to show up, so that works for me too. I just thought it was weird how many wires got crossed for such a simple task.