Daily life

Quick check in

So a friend of mine asked me to write more often because they’re worried since I’ve been sick lately. I’ll do a quick check in. My throat is still a little sore though I do have my voice back. I’m tired, but that’s par for the course. Yesterday was pretty bad, pain-wise. Like I had a lot of pain, mostly in my shoulders and neck. I had a lot of trouble moving at all. My IBS has been acting up really bad, even though I’m taking medicine for it. So there’s a lot of pain there. It still hurts to move today, but the pain in my shoulders isn’t as bad. I have no idea why my shoulders hurt. Like there’s no reason for them to hurt.

I still have a small cough, but it’s not a dry cough… a dry cough is what I would have if it were the plague. My chest hurts though and it hurts to breathe. This is normal and shouldn’t alarm anyone. Yes, it is a symptom of the plague, but it’s also something that happens to me all of the time. I also do not have a fever, so I’m still under the assumption that I am plague-free. Once again, I felt very much the same this time last year, so yeah, it’s just kind of how life goes in the world of Willow. Still, I’ll keep y’all updated if anything changes.

chart of symptoms of the cold, flu, allergies and COVID-19
Another chart.

Here’s the problem with being chronically ill in the time of plague, y’all. I’m always fatigued. I’ve had chest pains for years. Like… decades, y’all. Shortness of breath? Don’t even get me started on shortness of breath. Muscle pains? Ha! Double ha! Headaches? Pshaw. I get headaches at the drop of a hat. If I go a week without a headache, I’ll wonder if there’s something amiss. If I get a fever, I’ll start to worry. Other than that, it’s business as usual. I feel like shit, but yeah…

picture of a building in the snow with the words "My body is a temple, ancient and crumbling... probably haunted, and harboring an unspeakable horror."
There’s truth there.