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A small brag

I’m gonna brag for a minute because I’m kinda proud of this. Remember this picture that I posted in yesterday’s blog post?

Not very exciting, right? Well, here’s the original.

Still not that exciting. I know, but I was submitting this picture in a review and I just kind of snapped it real quick. Didn’t even put socks on. It wasn’t until I downloaded it that I noticed all of the pet hair all over everything. I was all: I totally do not want to take another picture. Well, half dozen pictures of which this was the best one. So I threw it in Photoshop and painted out the pet hair. I think I did a pretty good job for a ten minute touch up. I mean I could have done a way better job if I’da taken my time, but I just wanted it to look better not great. You know? Still, I’m extraordinarily pleased with myself, so I’ma brag about it. Thanks for putting up with me. ^_^