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5 Things that I miss about commuting to work.

So here’s a new one for me, dear reader. I was perusing my Reader here on WordPress and ran across this blog post, and figured, Why not? It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this so I’ll give it a go. Head over to the Salted Carmel blog to see her answers and maybe participate if you like. As for me, it’s been a very long time since I’ve worked, and thus commuted to and from work, but I’ll answer in the spirit of the prompt because I do remember doing so, and even when I took public transportation, that is still considered “commuting” to work. The full prompt was this: 5 Things that you miss about your daily drive / commute to work. Anyway, here goes

One — I miss the alone time when driving. I mean, there are very few places in the world where one can be truly alone, and the car is one of them. No pets following me around, no kids demanding my attention, no phones ringing. Nothing but me and the road. Even if it was only for less than twenty minutes, I enjoyed that brief respite from the world.

Two — contrarily, I miss the camaraderie of commuting with the same people every day on the bus, shuttle, train, or ferry (depending on the time/place/job). Even if we did nothing more than nod and smile at each other, it was kind of nice knowing that I’d see a familiar face whenever I’d get on the bus every morning. I can’t say I formed any lifelong friendships while riding public transportations, but even these fleeting acquaintances were a connection I enjoyed and looked forward to while they lasted.

Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

Three — I also miss buying my morning coffee at whatever shop was on my way. Whether it was a convenience store or a coffee shop, I liked the person to person connection of going inside and buying a coffee. Yeah, I can totally make coffee at home, and most workplaces offer free coffee, but there’s just something about going inside a store and buying a cup of coffee that I really enjoyed doing. I’m an introvert by nature but even I need to connect with people and buying coffee was my way of getting human interaction without the social mish-mash of, you know… being social.

Four — I miss the heat on my feet and the cold wind in my face. I’m weird like that, dear reader. Whenever it was cold outside, I would put the heat on, but I almost always had the window open. And since I was the only person in the car when I was driving too and from work, no one could say anything about it. Ha! It doesn’t tax the car much to have the heat on, so I never worried about it, but it felt good to have the contrast — warm feet and cool face. I miss that. Doug isn’t into that. ^_^

Five — I miss drinking my coffee outside of wherever I was working before they opened. So, I worked temp most of my career. This means I had a lot of different jobs in a lot of different fields. Anyway, I have a deep rooted fear of being late. Can’t explain it, I just get very anxious if I think I’m going to be late. So I end up being early to just about everything. That includes work. I usually would arrive at most jobs about a half an hour early — at least. This means I’d end up waiting in my car for them to open, so I’d usually sip my coffee, and sometimes eat breakfast, in my car. It was very peaceful most times… depending on the neighborhood. Ha! But I do kind of miss that.


And there you have it. Five things I miss about commuting to and from work. Of course the thing I miss the most about commuting to and from work is having something to drive to and from. Being disabled sucks rocks, y’all. It’s still something I’m trying to come to terms with and I’ve been mostly disabled since 2007. I’ve been completely disabled since 2011. That’s like, nine years. You’d think I’da come to terms with it by now, but denial is a strong force, and it’s way difficult to overcome, even when one knows it’s there. But I’m not gonna whine about it now. Head over to Salted Caramel and see what she misses about her commute. It’s a fun read. If I don’t post until after Xmas, have a good one!

Whatever the reason for your season, may your holidays be happy and bright.

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    1. Thanks! has a bunch of pictures to chose from and they’re all royalty free. If I don’t do anything with them, I tend to give credit to the artist, but if I make a lot of changes, I don’t always. 🙂 Still, the library of pictures is really big.

      Happy Christmas to you too!


  1. Thanks for joining in with such an interesting response. Your answers give an insight into your personality and I could relate to a lot of what you wrote when I was a young working mother.

    Happy holidays !


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