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Five uh… “shows” I’ve enjoyed this year

So, Salted Caramel asks about 5 Movies / Shows You Enjoyed In 2020 with the idea that we as a society have spent a lot more time indoors because of the pandemic so we’ve been watching more media than we would normally. Unfortunately, the plague hasn’t changed much about my day to day. I was attempting to overcome my agoraphobia just before the plague hit, but yeah, COVID-19 quickly put an end to those plans. The long and short of it is, that I don’t consume more media now than I did before it spread across our land. But, the thing is, I don’t really watch television — much — nor have I found much enjoyment in movies this past decade. So I’m gonna answer with what I have enjoyed over the past year. Also, go on over to Salted Caramel and see her answers, links to other people’s answers and maybe participate if you want to.

Anyway, on to what I’ve been consuming, media-wise this past year. Warning, it’s mostly YouTube stuff. But you know what, dear reader? I was just thinking about this very thing while waking up this morning. Like, what’s the difference between watching stuff on YouTube and watching stuff on the television? Like before computers, I had a television in my room and I’d watch TV before going to sleep, but now I have a tablet beside my bed and I’ll watch YouTube before going to sleep (or read a bit). What’s the difference? It’s just a different medium. One is not intrinsically better or worse than the other. Though I do like that I can watch videos, listen to music and/or read on my tablet. Like, it’s a TV, radio, and book all rolled into one. So there’s that. But I digress. On to the five things, in no particular order.

So there’s this dude Simon Whistler, he’s got a dozen YouTube channels, and they’re all pretty good. The one I’ve taken to watching the most is called Business Blaze. The “about” of the channel says “Fun business facts from history and the present.” but I think that’s a very loose interpretation of the channel. It’s… hard to describe. Here is the latest video:

Most of his channels are way more sedate than Business Blaze. Some of y’all might like his Geographics channel or his TopTenz channel… both of which are way less frantic and not as full of… bleeps. I think that Business Blaze is where Simon lets off steam. I think it’s fun.

I’m gonna lump these two into one category — the first is JCS – Criminal Psychology which is basically a breakdown of real life criminals during their interviews and the psychology of what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how, through their actions, one can tell that they’re lying. It’s pretty interesting. In that same line, there’s a channel called That Chapter which takes a look at true crime all over the world. JCS-Criminal Psychology is very clinical with a disembodied voice over. That Chapter‘s host, Mike is young, personable, and interjects humor into the narrative. Two very different takes on the same cases oftentimes. Also, JCS sometimes runs long, while That Chapter is usually about a half hour. I like both, because they scratch that true crime itch.

On a completely different note, there’s an art restoration channel called Baumgartner Restoration. I watch a slew of restoration channels. But this was the first one. He’s grown a lot in the year or so since I’ve started watching him. It’s really very interesting to see how he restores art. He used to do two kinds of videos, one with music and another — same process — with narration. He stopped doing the music about a year ago, when is when I started watching him. This is the first video of his that I watched:

He’s gone from eleven minute videos to thirty minute videos… but I’ve watched two hours videos of him restoring paintings. I think it’s pretty fascinating.

Again, I’m gonna link the next few channels into one category. I didn’t link them with the above category because, eh, they’re a little different. They’re also restoration channels, but they restore old mechanical things — tools, machines, lighters, &c… None of them speak, nor do they play music. One, Odd Tinkering, has started restoring old video game consoles, which is interesting. Another, My Mechanics, specializes in machining new parts. “I make a new one” is kind of like his catch phrase. The last one Tysy TUBE is the first one that I watched. He restored an old coffee grinder I think. The dangers with watching these channels is that they make it look so easy. Like, “Oh, I can do that!” Ha! double ha! Whenever I watch too many restorations, I get an urge to go out and buy a sandblaster because it looks like a lot of fun. I watch a bunch of other restoration channels that are along these lines, but those are the three that are on my subscription list. So I get a notification whenever they post a new video.

And now I’m gonna let y’all in on a secret… I have a weakness for drama. Even if it’s drama that I have no stake in. Actually especially if it’s drama that I have no stake in. I like being a bystander, especially when the drama is over, or if there is absolutely nothing I can do about whatever is going down. So, YouTube is kind of an interesting place to scratch that itch. There is a LOT of drama on YouTube. There are whole communities that I’m not a part of, will never be a part of, and will never be anywhere near. But I can watch the drama. And there are such things as “drama channels” One of which is called The Right Opinion another is called dangelowallace and yet another is called Joon the King. There are plenty more. Just watch one, and see your “recommendations” get filled with the rest. ^_^ If you’re into that kind of things. >_< But most of them just rehash what the others said. Over and over and over. Pearl clutching at its best. Still, sometimes I just can’t help but watch the drama. Sometimes I even know what they’re talking about. The one that got me down the YouTube drama rabbit hole is one I don’t really watch anymore (called Rags). But I do like the other channels linked here, and watch them whenever I need to have that drama meter filled.

Not really YouTube drama, but it’s the latest video

Bonus channel I don’t watch horror movies, and I generally don’t listen to “scary” stories, but this channel came across my feed and despite the clickbait title and cringe thumbnail, I clicked it. It’s actually pretty good, the channel is called Lazy Masquerade. Don’t be fooled by the aforementioned cringey thumbnails of the videos. The narrator’s voice is quite soothing for the material being presented. There’s nothing to actually “watch”, usually it’s a static picture for each story. It’s more of a listen channel. So, a lot of times, I have this channel on in the background when I’m doing stuff on the computer, it’s that soothing. Obviously not safe for work, but an interesting channel nonetheless.

So that’s it. Those are five of the things I watch to fill the copious amount of time I have on my hands. As I mentioned, I don’t really like TV, nor do I find movies entertaining nowadays, so YouTube has filled that void. When I did watch TV — back when we were in the hotel and the internet wasn’t great. I watched the ID network. True crime and so on. Nothing outstanding to mention, just the same ol’ same ol’. Also, there are A LOT of other channels — I watch people play video games, and I watch opinion channels — on my YouTube. I have over thirty channels that I subscribe to, and way more that get recommended to me regularly. The ones above are just the ones that I started watching more of this past year for whatever reason.

3 thoughts on “Five uh… “shows” I’ve enjoyed this year

  1. I love Simon, too. Since we don’t have a TV, YouTube is my entertainment. I like Geographics and TopTenz, but I also like the Biography ones and the channel one big projects. I think he’s really funny. Oh, Today I Found Out was the first channel I watched.
    I also like Joe Scott. He does a lot of videos on science, space, black holes and similar stuff. he’s funny in a goofy way.
    I like the art restoration ones, too. I have to catch up with Baumgartner—he isn’t coming up on my feed anymore. Since I like art history in general, I have enjoyed a series called “Cocktails With a Curator” put on by the Frick Collection in NYC. It is my favorite museum and I’ve enjoyed their explanations behind the various art works.
    Oh, a fun one is “One Hit Wonderland.” It’s a guy who presents and analyzes one-hit wonders of the past. He’s funny and his comments are spot-on. He does his research, so he has videos of the bands.
    Can you tell I hang out on YouTube a lot? 😀

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    1. I think Today I Found Out was Simon’s first channel. I’ve also watched Joe Scott, and you’re right, he is interesting. I haven’t seen Cocktails with a Curator or One Hit Wonderland. I’ll have to look those up. Nothing wrong with having YouTube as entertainment! ^_^ I mean, as I mentioned, it’s the same as having a TV — but different.


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