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Sharing My World during the time in between

It is the week between Xmas and New Year’s, dear reader. That time in between one major winter holiday and another. Doug had enough time saved up that he took the whole week off so he’s living it up this week by lazing around the house. Of course, this has no affect on my life whatsoever since he works from home anyway so the only difference is what time he lets the cat out of his room. But it is a weird time of year anyway… usually.

A long time ago, far far away, when I had kids and cared about such things, I would put up my Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving and take it down the day after New Year’s (Jan 2). I keep thinking that I want to take down my tree right now, but I also kind of want to keep it up until Jan 2 just to keep that tradition alive, though I don’t know why. I think it doesn’t matter either way to Doug. Mostly, I just want the area that the tree is taking up back. But that’s neither here nor there. I just wanted to “talk” about it. On to the questions. As per usual, go to Melanie’s blog to see the questions without answers, link to other people’s answers, and to participate if you want to.

Pick three words to describe this past year. Three words… hmmmm… let’s see… Boring because of all the time spent inside. Exhausting because of the set back from the agoraphobia and thyroid and other medical issues. and Happy because we got out of the hotel and did get our new house.

What were the best books you read this year? Or the best movie you saw? I haven’t really read any books this year. Well, I read a few, but nothing really stands out as being the best. Movie? I haven’t seen any. I’ve watched movie length videos on YouTube though. Does that count? I’ll link one here, because it was interesting enough for me to link it to my Facebook with the caption, “So I just watched a woman half my age talk for nearly two hours about a show I’ve never watched. And I was entertained. I love technology.” Now, y’all might not find it interesting, but for some reason, I just enjoyed watching this young lady talk about the pearl clutching and the “controversy” surrounding the finale of Supernatural. A show, which as I mentioned before, I’ve never watched. Okay, I saw the first season? Some of it? it was a long time ago.

It was a huge deal.

Because there was lots of time for looking inward, what is one big personal lesson you learned this past year? That my agoraphobia is deeper seeded than I thought it was. I mean I keep saying that I was making good strides in getting over my agoraphobia, but I’m not sure if I was as far along as I thought I was. I know what’s causing it, but I lack the energy to even try to get where I was before COVID-19 hit.

Do you think COVID has strengthened or weakened societal bonds? I can’t really say one way or another not really being a member of society. Okay, I am, technically, a member of society, but being both agoraphobic and an introvert, I’m basically an isolated member of society, so my opinion is more of an outsider looking in, and as an outsider looking it, society looks pretty much the same to me.

GRATITUDE SECTION (Optional of course):

What is a New Year’s wish you’d like to share with the world? Honestly? I hope that our current glorious leader, his toxic family, and his sycophants all drop off the face of the Earth. We don’t hear hide nor hair about them — ever again. And that they be replaced with people who are way better at their jobs. It’s a big, wish, but hey, might as well wish for the impossible so long as I’m wishing.

Not much in the way of pictures today. I’m tired. Next time, y’all. Next time.

5 thoughts on “Sharing My World during the time in between

  1. Thanks Willow for Sharing Your World! I have my own opinion of why agoraphobia (for those of us who have (had) a mild case (like me) or who suffered already) is worse. At least for me, I was told (well UNDERSTOOD a ‘prime directive’ ) from our flawed and failed leaders that we were to isolate when C19 got real teeth over here. Any introvert worth the name embraced that with gusto. Hey! Right in our wheel-house, right? For myself only, that prime directive gave me unspoken permission to allow my already fairly severe social phobia off its leash. It’s deepened into close to agoraphobic (in my opinion). The very thought of going ‘out there’ makes me so anxious, I might take my anxiety meds even. I come back from outings stressed out and angry. To me? C19 has worsened many folks’ mental iggies greatly. Perhaps that’s why your own agoraphobia has worsened perceptibly? IDK, just random rambling thoughts. Have a wonderful New Year, whatever you get up too (or don’t, tired is for resting up) . Best wishes!

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    1. Thanks Melanie… part of the reason why my Agoraphobia got worse rather than better is because I totally just don’t want to deal with the mask-free assholes out there. When COVID first hit, I went out and about with Doug and we went shopping and everything. I even went out on my own, but there are people out there who are “mask-free” and very confrontational about it. I just can’t deal with them. Well, I probably *can*, but… It’s really difficult to explain.


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