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More Book titles via Melanie

These come from Melanie. I’ll post them in one block and do my best to answer them in another block.

26. The story of a female servant.
27. The lure of untamed nature.
28. The number of musketeers minus two soared above the self-made home of a European bird.
29. Ladies of short stature
30. Blood pumping organ possessing a total absence of light
31. Perilous collaborations
32. A century of living as a hermit.
33. Supposing one pre-dawn period, during the coldest season of the year.
34. The worker of clay and the alchemical artifact. (This one is NOT (yet) a CLASSIC novel).
35. The commander of jewelry.
36. The naval instrument made out of precious metal.
37. Deities of the New World
38. Supreme Human Emotion during Pandemic
39. Perception and The Ability to Use It
40. Holiday For Some Coupled With Singing

So here goes…
The Maid’s Tale, or The Handmaiden’s Tale.
The Call of the Wild
One Flew over the Coocoo’s Nest (I don’t know how to spell CooCoo)
Little Women
Black Heart?
Dangerous Liaisons
100 Years of Solitude
A Cold Winter’s Night

The Golden Compass
American Gods

I guess some of these flummoxed me too. Give this one and the last one a shot, dear reader. They’re fun. I’m sure you’ll do better than me. Thanks, Melanie, for adding on to this. Now I’m gonna read the rest of your blog post.

2 thoughts on “More Book titles via Melanie

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this little quiz, and my blogging friend, Sandmanjazz, was the original ‘author’ (well he shared the first 25 of them)… so I can’t take full credit. You did GREAT, I didn’t know half the ‘second half’ titles, I must admit. Guess I lost some ground in keeping up with ‘great literature’. Hm. I first read “The Hand Maid’s Tale” in the early 1990s, and didn’t care for it, even though it remains one of the more touted books of that part of the century. That and finding that several others that hit the best seller list, and were, to me anyway, boring or inane (and who am I to judge? Those authors got published, I never have); I stopped chasing the best seller list except at book clubs. So my lack of knowledge about the last fifteen of the quiz might be understandable. Hope your first day of this new year is great!

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