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Sharing My World Mid January

Hello, dear reader, it’s Monday again. I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a Share Your World, but I’ve been going through a rough patch, health wise. Fatigue is an awful thing, y’all. Really awful. It occurs to me that my fatigue this time correlates with a recent change in my thyroid meds and I’ve recently changed my meds again a few days back, so I’m feeling a little better now. Now, I know, dear reader, that correlation does not equal causation, but hey, I’ll take a post hoc fallacy any day if it makes me feel better. Ha! Anyway, here we are with Melanie’s Share Your World and I’m up to answering her questions this week. Head on over to her blog to read other people’s answers to the questions or if you want to participate yourself. Without further ado, here are my answers.

Why do we dream? Well, physically, no one really knows why we dream at night. The most recent theory is that it’s the mind’s way of getting rid of the day’s flotsam and jetsam… all of the debris that’s built up in during the day that’s just floating around in the subconscious and needs to be flushed out in dreams or whatnot. I dunno. It’s supposed to be a way for the mind to work through problems people are having. And it’s also theorized that it’s the mind’s way to cope with hopes and fears — nightmares and such. As so why we have dreams such as goals in life, well, again I’m not sure. It’s one of the things that makes us human I suppose. I’m pretty sure that other animals don’t have the kinds of goals we do, like retirement and all that. I don’t know why we dream, just that we do, and it’s pretty awesome. Sometimes it’s okay to not know why.

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Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become? I’m not sure. I sometimes think that’s the case. I can give anecdotal evidence that if someone changes their name, it totally influences the way people treat them. When I went by my birth name, people interacted with me completely differently than how they treat me now. Like totally differently. But that’s just one person’s experience. I’ll tell you this too, when I changed my name from my birth name to Willow, I became much more relaxed and chill. Which is kind of odd, because I’ve always been a chill person. But relaxed? Well, that’s a different story. That could be due to the change in my life’s circumstances — there were a lot of things going on around that time, and my name change was just one of them. But I like the name Willow and I think it suits me way more than my birth name ever did. My birth name sounds wrong in my mouth now. It’s weird even saying it out loud. I don’t think I’d even know someone was talking to me if they called me by that name.

Does hardship make a person stronger? That’s the saying, isn’t it? And though I joke about it all the time, I don’t know if I give credence to it. I mean, I think I’d be just as “strong” of a person even if my life hadn’t been as… interesting as it has been. I mean, the only reason I know I’m “strong” is because people keep telling me how strong I am. Like they keep saying things like, “I don’t know how you do it. I could never have handled that.” And I’m all, “I don’t think I’m strong, really. I just did what I needed to do to get by.” But did a sucky life make me stronger? Eh… whose to say? I dunno.

Dear everything trying to kill me. I'm strong enough now. Thanks.
Srsly. I’m good.

Why do we judge ourselves by our intentions, but judge others by their actions? Do we? I didn’t know we did. But here’s the thing… I’m not a mind reader. So until someone makes their intentions clear, I only have their actions to know them by. And until I know someone personally, I don’t know if their stated intentions are legitimate or not. I know what my intentions are because I know my own mind. I know whether what I’ve said out loud is true. When it comes to judging someone else, many factors come to play, the first is how they present themselves to the world, then how they interact with those around them (their actions), then how much or little I know them (or of them), then their stated intentions. And I know that others judge me the same way. So yeah.


Feel free to share some gratitude in the form of images, photos or writing. Thanks!

So, as some of y’all know, I’m disabled, and as I mentioned earlier, I have periods of extreme fatigue. This means I have a lot of time on my hands, time I use to watch videos on YouTube. I like restoration videos sometimes. Why? Because like the one I’m going to link below, sometimes they restore things that were once the pride of someone’s house. It gives a person hope, dear reader. When watching someone tear down and rebuild something that others would just give up as lost, it gives me hope that even I might be able to put myself together some day. I just need to find the right… tools I guess. I’m not as run down as this little stove, but hey, that makes me even more hopeful. Ha!

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    1. That happens to a lot of people with fatigue issues — the whole overdoing it whenever the feel better. It’s like trying to catch up with everything we missed when we couldn’t do anything. Or something. I guess. That’s how it feels to me anyway.

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  1. Thank you Willow for Sharing Your World! I’m glad you’re feeling better, that prescription business can be a bear! They get it off just a little, and the patient is left with the ramifications and the chore of telling the doctor they’ve made a mistake, which doctors don’t like to hear (well heck, nobody likes to hear they’re wrong I suppose ) … Very thoughtful answers and yay for the restoration people! I love it (too) when someone sees treasure in someone else’s ‘junk’. That came out badly…uh…. treasure in another’s garbage. There. O_o (I tend to overthink things..)

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    1. Eh, it’s not the doctor’s fault the prescription is off, it’s not an exact science after all. They can only throw the ‘scripts at me based on my blood results and hope for the best. And it’s usually me going into the doctor saying “something off with my thyroid” They do the bloodwork, adjust the meds, and we work from there. It’s a team effort, really.

      Thanks for the questions. I wish I had the energy to answer them every week.


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