Daily life

One thing at a time

So, once again, I must apologize to you, dear reader, for being absent on my blog. Even though I am feeling better these days, better is a relative term. Ha! I am feeling better compared to what I’ve been feeling before, but “better” does not necessarily mean “well”. I’m feeling well enough to do some things that I’ve not been able to do, but I have to chose my tasks wisely, and blog writing, alas and alack, tends to fall low on the list. Doug and I find ourselves in the happy position of being able to do some much needed upgrades to our house — far earlier than we thought we’d be able to, so yay! — and I’ve been fielding the phone calls and emails to get those things done.

And that’s the rub, I only have enough energy to deal with one or two things a day. That means after one or two emails and/or phone calls, I’m out. This is why I’m not working, dear reader. I don’t have the energy for it. Like, who gets exhausted after a couple of phone calls? Me, that’s who. And I used to be an office assistant. Phone calls and emails made up the bulk of my working day. Now I’m like, “Yeah that’s enough interacting with people for one day.” It’s very tiring, dear reader, to be “on” these days, even if it’s via text. Unfortunately, if I have to write one email more than I’m up to, I tend to get terse, and I have to edit and rewrite the stupid thing over and over to sound more like myself. Which, of course, is even more exhausting. So, yeah.

I know, I know… excuses excuses, but that’s really the long and short of it y’all. I’m feeling better, but I’m still tired. Like, I started my laundry Monday, but it’s still sitting in the dryer. Since Monday. I hate that I don’t have the energy to fold and put them away. I look at the stupid dryer every day and say, “I need to finish that today.” and next thing I know it’s bedtime and it’s still not done. Today I don’t have that many calls or emails scheduled, and hopefully this headache I have will be gone soon. Maybe I’ll be able to get it done today. I dunno. Maybe not. We’ll see. It’s already taken me half an hour to write this, so it’s not looking good for laundry. YouTube is definitely happening, laundry? not so much. Ha! We’ll see.

But I am alive and well, and still kicking. Just thought I’d let y’all know.