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I always write to the reader

A Guy Called Bloke asked these series of questions:

I made a screenshot instead of cut and paste.

And the simple answer to all of them is… I always write to the reader, because that’s how writing works — in my opinion. Even if no eyes but my own were to ever see what I’ve written, I would still write to the reader. I used to keep a journal, hand written and hidden from the world, and even that was written to an unknown and unseen reader. Someone, somewhere might see it, so yeah, I wrote to that person. I would not change my style because there’s nothing to change, my writing — no matter what it is, is for you, dear reader. Even my innermost thoughts, if they are put into writing are for the reader. I don’t have to encourage people to come to my blog because if I have one visitor or a thousand, the writing will remain the same.

Having said that, I guess I should explain what I mean when I say “writing to the reader”. Basically, it means that whenever and whatever I write, there is a reader in mind. Not a particular person just “a reader” — an unknown entity of unspecified gender out there who will one day look upon what I’ve written and engage with the words. And that person will either like or dislike my choice of words as I’ve arranged them on the page. I keep that reader in mind whenever I write anything. And I mean anything — though some days I care more than others. ^_^ Ha! I will admit that sometimes I do write with specific people in mind but standing over him or her will be that bigger entity of the “other” reader. And that other reader is usually more important because that nebulous “other” is legion — especially when writing a blog. Petty squabbles generally don’t belong in public places. My humble opinion. Take it as you will.

Original picture by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels edited by me in Photoshop

So the answer to the questions above is that I wouldn’t change my writing style because I have always had a reader to my writing, even when I kept a hand written journal. Even if no one visited my blog at all, there would be a reader out there. I’m glad that you are here though, dear reader, because it’s nice to have actual eyes on my words. But the words would be the same nonetheless. Thanks for visiting.