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It’s been a week

I mentioned a few times that we have a few things going on in Chez D&W. We’re lucky enough to be able to have some improvements to the house done, and so we’re doing them. Most of the stuff is outside, so minimal risk because low contact. We’re having one room inside redone, but again, it’s a peripheral room — our mudroom/laundry room — so minimal contact and low risk. But having improvements done does not go smoothly it seems.

This past week has been nothing but road bumps. First, the shelving unit for the mud room renovation came two weeks early and it was a mad scramble with our contractor to see if he could come and help us move it inside because the people delivering it wouldn’t bring it inside “due to COVID”. So he came out and we opened it only to find it damaged. Honestly, dear reader, I was okay with it so long as it didn’t affect the functionality, but my contractor, bless his heart, was livid and he was all, “You paid good money, you need to get a refund.” and I was too tired and in pain to argue (more on that in a bit) so I called the store… But now this thing has been sitting on our porch waiting for the store to come get it. It’s just way too heavy for us to move. That in itself is annoying enough, but the first guy I talked to at Home Depot said that someone would get back to me in twenty-four hours, so I waited a little over forty and called the store only to find that I need to talk to the online store because it didn’t actually come from Home Depot. So I called the online store, and they informed me that it would be “five business days” before someone would contact me to come get it. But she assured me it shouldn’t be that long. Ha! It was almost exactly five business days. Like 4:45 Friday afternoon, I got a message and a phone call saying they’ll come pick it up on… Monday. Dear reader, they dropped the damned thing off this past Monday. So yeah, I’ve had this huge fucking box on my porch since Monday morning. The only good thing is that it weighs nearly five hundred pounds so no one is walking off with it, but I totally do not want this damned thing uglying up my porch longer than necessary. And, we have to buy another — after we get a refund. So that’s thrown a wrench into renovation because we’ll have to wait for the new one to get here. This… this is why I didn’t want to return it. I’d rather have a dented shelving unit in my mud room than deal with all of this hassle. I don’t care how much I paid for it, so long as it works.

We went with this one.

And while this was going on, I was having a back and forth with the landscaper we hired about one little feature we want in the back yard. Like the one thing we’re splurging on in landscaping for the back yard is a bubbling bird bath. I mean, we’re having a bunch of stuff done, an invasive vine taken down, some trees planted, other trees taken down, some things moved around, and general clean up. You know, general landscaping stuff. But we have a ton of birds outside and I like the idea of a bird bath out there that I don’t have to fill with water every day (we have one right now, but it’s small and it dries out every day). It was the one thing I told the estimator who came that this was something I wanted. Something that was non-negotiable. That was about a month ago, and he sent me a catalog of birdbaths, and we picked one that was fun and quirky. Everything was honky-dory until I asked if it was a bubbler. He said no. I was like, okay, which of these birdbaths are bubblers? He was like, none of them. I was all, Why did you send me a catalog of birdbaths that aren’t bubblers when I specifically told you that I wanted a bubbling birdbaths? I didn’t yell, dear reader, I was very polite. I’m always polite. But he was like: This is the manufacturer we work with. I’m like: That doesn’t answer my question… and on it went. So he finally sent me another catalog of… fountains. And at that point I was all, whatever, these will do. Because we’d already signed the contract for the rest of the work and it would be a pain to go with another company just for the bird bath. So I chose three and asked him for prices… two weeks ago. Finally, this past Wednesday, I called the company and, politely, asked what the heck was going on with all of this? Could they kindly explain why I still don’t have prices for these birdbaths? They must have lit a fire under him because he got back to me on Friday. He didn’t seem happy about it, but I don’t care. How long does it take to get a price? I’m normally not a Karen, but I think I’ve been pretty patient.

Another thing that happened this past week I’m not really complaining about… it’s just on the list of “things that happened” because it’s no one’s fault. So we’re putting a fence on the low wall in our front yard so the dogs can go out in the front yard and bark their heads off if they want. Just kidding. It is so the we can go out in the front with the dogs. I’d like to sit outside in the mornings and have my coffee, and I would like to have the dogs out there with me. Right now I can’t do that because they can jump right over the low wall because it’s only two feet high. We’ve hired someone local to put a “cap” on that wall in the shape of a cast iron fence that will bring that up to about four feet. Big enough to keep the dogs inside. Well, I called him to see how it was going and he had a family emergency and is in Arizona. Perfectly understandable. I’m not sure what the emergency is, but in this day and age… I didn’t pry. So yeah… It may be awhile before we get our fence. I hope his family member makes nothing but a full and complete recovery and we’ll just wait a little longer for the fence. I only included this because it was another thing that happened this week.

"I'm afraid that your irritable bowel syndrome has progressed. You now have furious and vindictive bowel syndrome."

To top it all off, I’ll ask y’all this: Have you ever had a pain so bad, dear reader, that if you could take a knife and cut it out, you totally would? That was me a couple of days ago. I wonder if that’s how surgery was invented? That mysterious pain that no doctor can figure out the cause of, yeah, it was back. The medicine that works for it isn’t covered by my insurance and we totally aren’t paying the non-insurance price for it because it’s ridiculous. I’m trying another elimination diet because I have a suspicion of a trigger. I’m feeling better today, but Wednesday through Friday were pretty bad. Friday was… awful. It’s rare that I’m in so much pain that I can’t sleep, and Friday was one such day. Y’all I slept when I was in labor. I can sleep through a migraine. Pain doesn’t often keep me awake. If I wake up in pain or can’t sleep because of pain… it’s bad. Why didn’t I go to the ER? Because I’ve been to the ER with this same pain, and they sent me home with, “We don’t know what’s wrong with you.” and that gets discouraging. But, like I said, I’m feeling better now. I am considering keeping a more detailed food log with a symptom log to see if I can track correlation, but honestly, I haven’t found a good one. I suppose I could set one up myself on my computer (I don’t really do apps very well) I did before in college. I dunno. It’s an idea.

So anyway, that was my week. I still feel like crap. Better, as I said, but still… ugh. The good news is that I did get some of the stuff worked out, so hopefully (knock wood) next week will be better. They’re supposed to pick the shelving unit up tomorrow and then we’ll order a new one — not from Home Depot because the shelfing unit isn’t the only thing they screwed up. I think that Home Depot just isn’t prepared for the whole “order online” thing. My opinion. Oh, and I forgot… last weekend we traded in our cars for a new car. Mostly because Doug wasn’t using his Mustang, it was basically sitting in the garage doing nothing. It had to be towed away because it wouldn’t start it had been sitting for so long. My car was basically breaking down to the point where fixing it cost more than it was worth, so we decided that we’d trade them both in for a newer car and become a one car family. Doug’s job is a stone’s throw away from our house. It’s one of the reasons why we bought this house, so there’s no real reason why we need two cars. This means that hopefully, the next time we get shelves delivered, there will be room in the garage for them — the Mustang was still in the garage this time around. So, yeah, that also happened this past week. It was a crazy week.

Doug, saying good-bye to his Mustang