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Same ol’ same ol’

As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog, I have a plethora of things amiss with me physically. And those things make me exhausted. It’s way worse when the weather decides that it wants to change, like it did this week. But I’ve been overall just… fatigued lately. The change in thyroid medicine gave me a boost for a bit, but then it leveled off and I was back to tired again. I’m able to get some housework done in the mornings, then that’s it, I’m done. The very thought of writing a blog post most days is just… overwhelming. Hell, most days I walk the line of dehydration because I just don’t have the energy to get up and get some water or anything else to drink. I know, I know, I need to stay hydrated. My skin and health is suffering because I’m trying to live on one or two cups of coffee and (sometimes) one glass of tea a day. Granted, they’re big, but one still needs more than 48 ozs of liquid a day. That’s tired, y’all. And it’s not that I’m not thirsty. I am. I just don’t have the energy to get up and pour myself a drink, let alone make a second cup of coffee. Lucky for me, Doug likes to eat out a lot and he buys me tea from wherever he gets his lunch. Otherwise I’d probably have worse problems. Thank goodness for grocery delivery. I’m doing an elimination diet and grocery delivery lets me shop at my leisure without bugging Doug to get the very thing I need. It’s way easier to see the ingredients if I can zoom in on them. Ha!

But that’s just explaining why I haven’t been posting lately. Yeah, I know, it’s the same old song and dance. But! it’s the only one I have. Sorry it’s not anything really exciting. Doug and I are trying to get stuff done in our house, three things, which I’ve mentioned before, and there’s been delay after delay. I get to deal with those delays because Doug is working — and he doesn’t deal with people. That’s my job in our little family. Dealing with people wears me out, especially when I’m already not feeling well. Since it decided to snow last night, our landscaping is going to be delayed — probably. They called me on Friday to let me know. Not their fault, they have no control over the weather. But it’s just one more thing. You know? It’s just a dusting, but it’s enough to delay things in Albuquerque. It’s weird to get exhausted from talking on the phone though. I mean, I’ve never liked it, but it’s never particularly exhausted me until the last few years. I keep telling myself that today… today I’m gonna turn things around. Take a walk with Brandy, just a small one. I’m gonna sweep out the dust bunnies, do this or do that. Something. Anything! Annnnddd. I usually get some dishes done, maybe take a shower, possibly do the laundry. Once in a while I’ll get an energy spurt and clean things that get neglected for a week or two — the aforementioned dust bunnies — and then… nothing for days. Don’t get me wrong, dear reader, we’re not living in filth. But the dust is building up behind the furniture (and on top of it in some places), and I just don’t have the energy to deal with it. Doug and I talked about getting a housekeeping service to come in and take care of those things, and I did consider it. I ended up discarding the idea for two reasons. One, we’re in the middle of a pandemic (the same reason I cancelled the dog walker) and two, I just can’t deal with the idea of being “on” for however long it’ll take whoever comes in to clean the house. I mean, it won’t take long after the first time because there really isn’t much but since we’ll be home the entire time… the very thought of me sitting here while someone cleans just makes me twitch. I felt the same way when housekeeping came to clean our hotel room while we were staying there.

Original picture by Tomas Ryant from Pexels edited in photoshop by me.

And, what started out as a small post explaining why I haven’t been around has turned into a rambling post. But most of y’all have probably become used to that. I started this post about 11am this morning. It’s 3pm now. So… yeah. That’s another reason why I don’t post as much. It takes a long time for me to do it nowadays. I get distracted a lot and lose my train of thought. Sometimes I start a post and it gets abandoned halfway through because I just totally forgot where I was going with it. I don’t save them because… I dunno. I just don’t. Anyway, this one made it to the end. My shoulder is killing me. So, maybe I’ll write more tomorrow. I hope y’all had a good Valentine’s Day (if you celebrate). Later.