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So this week has been pretty uneventful. We got some unexpected snow and that means that most of the things we had planned for this past week have been put off until next week. Can’t be helped. It’s not like we have any control over the weather. But it means that things have been pretty peaceful around here. I have some kind of cold… again. Ever since we’ve moved back to New Mexico, I seem to have been mildly sick most of the time. Like it’s either allergies or a cold of some sort. To tell y’all the truth, that’s one of the reasons why we moved from New Mexico a few years back. But what can I do, dear reader? I like New Mexico despite being sick all of the time. What I have now is not the plague — I’m 99% sure of that. For one, I don’t have a fever, which is the number one symptom of the plague. And, how would I have caught it? I mean, I hardly leave the house. The last time I went anywhere was to take the dogs to the vet for their yearly check-up. That’s basically the only thing I leave the house for — doctor’s appointments. And that one time when we went out to buy the car. Other than that, I’m ensconced here in my little bubble. I get everything delivered. Doug does the errands. He actually enjoys it. Anyway, that’s why I’m pretty sure I haven’t contracted COVID-19

unexpected snow

The only other thing of note that happened this week is a tiny inconvenience but it’s a bit annoying. Some time ago in beginning of January, I stepped on a sliver of glass on the fleshy part of my foot — the ball of my foot if you will. It was tiny. I dug at it, of course with a needle and some tweezers, but the sliver was so small, that I couldn’t tell whether I got it out or not. I mean, it was glass. I could feel it a bit on the needle whenever I touched it, and it didn’t bleed at all. After a bit, I just assumed that I got it out and went on with my day because it stopped hurting. About a week later, it hurt again for a minute and I dug around some more with a needle and some tweezers but couldn’t feel anything so I figured that my foot was bruised and left it at that. Now we’re here at the end of February and that area of my foot hurts like the dickens and there’s a small, white lump under my skin. So I guess I didn’t get it out. Ouch. It’s more of an annoyance than anything, really, but it hurts to walk right now because it feels like I’m walking on a pebble every time I step down. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed the sliver of glass was gone, but to be honest, it was really tiny.

Valentine’s Day was last Sunday. Usually, Doug and I don’t celebrate V-day because we’re not holiday kind of people. But, Doug knows that I like chocolate and it’s been pretty hard to find chocolate on my current elimination diet, which I explain in my previous post. So, he went online and found these chocolates for me, which was way sweet of him. I was resigned to just go a few months without chocolate. I’ve already eaten the mint and it was… okay. I don’t think I’ll try the lemon with black pepper until I get desperate for chocolate — if ever. Doug said that he had to buy all of them and couldn’t get just one or two. I enjoy dark chocolate, which is what most of these are, so it was a nice surprise.

And that’s all that happened this week. Not a lot I know. We did get one step closer to our mudroom getting done — the door was delivered. So, progress. We’re waiting on the replacement cabinets. Other than that, it was pretty peaceful. Just as I like it.

Edited to add: I had a different blog post planned when I started this and forgot to change the title. I think that once you publish the post, WordPress saves it by the title, so oh well…

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  1. It does save ‘by the title” and it’s a *itch to change that once WP has accepted it. Going with the flow that way is the best policy. Less angst. I’m sorry about your sore foot, but keep an eye on that. The ‘bump’ may well be the glass, having worked itself to the surface of your skin. My mother had an odd ‘abscess on one of her breasts and the doctors were concerned that it might be cancer yada yada, but it turned out to be a tiny sliver of metal, apparently from one of the many hip surgeries she endured over her lifetime. They were amazed it had traveled through her body and come out where it did with no damage to something vital along the way. Chocolate is amazing, and you have a very thoughtful spouse! ☺

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    1. I had to read that twice to understand that the metal had worked its way from your mom’s hip to her breast. Yowza! Like, that’s quite the journey. I’m glad my bit of glass is staying in my foot. Though it’s welcome to work it’s way out at any time. But with the foot, every time I walk on it, I push it back in, I think. ^_^


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