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Sharing my world after a while

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in Melanie’s Share Your World. It’s been a combination of being fatigued and not really having an answer for the questions she had. I blame brain fog for that. Right now, my allergies are kicking my ass. I’m fairly sure it’s allergies. I get allergies and/or a cold every year around this time, so it’s not unusual for to feel like shit around the beginning of the year. But in the times of the plague, I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry. I have an appointment with my doctor, but it’s a couple of weeks out. I woke up with a bit of energy today, so with cup of coffee in hand, I’m ready to tackle this week’s questions. The answers will probably be short though — like my breath. Ha! As usual, go over to Melanie’s blog to see how other people answered them. Without further ado, here are my answers.

Have you ever ‘butt dialed” someone? Oh sure, a couple of times. I mean, I’ve had a cell phone since the technology was available, and for a long time and they didn’t have the safety feature on them that they do now that locks the screen. So butt-dials have happened. Now, I don’t generally keep my phone in my pocket, so mine have been more of purse dials, and after the first one, I tend to keep my phone in a pocket in my purse to prevent such things from happening, but they have happened. Nothing to write home about, but yeah…

If you were given 1000 acres of land, what would you do with it? If the property taxes were not too high, then I’d probably keep it and just let it go wild until I could find a use for it. Like, what am I gonna do with 1,000 acres of land?

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on-line recently? I saw this on my Facespace this morning and thought it was hysterical. I love Bloom County.

Bloom County is always funny

Have you ever eaten something off the floor? ‘5 second’ rule applies or not (the ‘5 second rule’ is that if you pick up the dropped food within a set time frame, it’s still ‘clean’ and you can safely eat it)? Y’all, I’m in my early fifties. If I’ve gone through five decades and never dropped something on the floor, especially with four kids, I just don’t know. Now, I know that there are people out there who would never eat anything once it’s hit the floor, but I grew up in a very poor household, and we wouldn’t ever think of throwing good food away, and as we used to say, “A little dirt never hurt anyone.” So, yeah, I’ve eaten food that’s hit the floor. Now, I’ve never come across food sitting on the floor and said, “Oh look! a snack!” because that’s a completely different thing.

And that’s all I have the brainpower for right now. No pictures this time. I’m am dog-tired, y’all. Take care. Don’t forget to go to Melanie’s blog and see what other people have answered. Take care.

3 thoughts on “Sharing my world after a while

  1. Thanks, Willow for Sharing Your World and some funnies! I laughed at the Bloom County share (although I have no idea who the cartoonist was parodying with that…but I don’t keep up with current ‘celebs’ so there’s that. I think the politically correct police (who also wear the “eww. it’s DIRT. It’s gonna kill everyone!” have kiboshed the 5-second rule for food dropped on the floor, as well as kids actually playing outside in the dirt (or sand or whatever) and getting dirty. To me (in my own little paranoid way) that accounts somewhat for the massively compromised immune systems of some of those same people. A little dirt sure kept my generation fairly healthy…but it was maybe cleaner dirt too… Hmm? Have a fabulous week and I’m so glad to see you ‘out and about!” Good luck with those allergies! It’s coming up on Spring and I know my own allergies will go off the charts!


    1. Ah, Steve Dallas (from the comic strip) is an original character and not a parody, but you wouldn’t know that if you weren’t a fan of the strip. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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