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Headaches and Landscaping

So wow, this week passed pretty quickly. Like, wasn’t it Sunday just yesterday? Some weeks are like that I suppose. We finally got our landscaping done. Took one tree out and planted a few more. Five in total, plus a bunch of bushes. I’ll take pictures whenever I have the energy. We had this broken water feature in the back yard that was made up of a bunch of rocks and I told the landscapers to just use them around the yard. They actually made a nice path like feature in the front yard with them. It looks nice. A huge chunk of our back wall was covered with ivy, which was basically taking over the place, so I had them cut that down. Turns out, it was coming from our neighbor’s yard. Go figure. Now there’s a lot more room in our yard. We planted a bush in that area and there was an area in the back that had basically nothing so we planted some trees there — trees that are native to this area and will grow in the desert sun. I can’t remember the names, but they assured me that they’ll grow here.

today’s weather

The weather widget on my phone says there’s a slight possibility that we might get snow tonight, though the forecast itself calls for a slight possibility of rain. It’s bright and sunny right now, but that’s subject to change at any moment. I mean, that’s not unusual for this area… Of course, it’s not unusual for any area. It think it’s amusing that everywhere I’ve moved, the locals will say, “Don’t like the weather? Wait a minute, it’ll change.” or something along those lines (though it’s usually verbatim) and they think that saying is original and unique to their location. It’s totally not. I’ve lived in a lot of places… a lot of places. The weather is weird everywhere. I specifically remember a day in Virginia that started out sunny, then we had a thunderstorm, then snow, and by the late afternoon, it was sunny again. Like, put on your shorts and t-shirt sunny. It was bizarre. Anyway, I mention the weather because I worry about the newly planted bushes and trees. But maybe they’ll be okay. I don’t know much about gardening. Actually, I’m not a gardener at all. That’s why we hire other people to plant our trees for us. My expertise extends to casting seeds about and hoping they grow. That’s it. I used to keep houseplants pretty well, but I don’t know if I still have that talent. I ordered some houseplants online — eight of them in small pots. They were meant to be planted in a terrarium, but they’re just regular houseplants. Two were DOA, and one died soon after it arrived. I think I overwatered it. Oh well. There are five still alive, so we’ll see if I can keep them that way. Blah, I’m rambling.

It’s Juniper Season

As for the headaches mentioned in the title, well… it’s allergy season, more specifically for me, it’s juniper season. I’ve been getting all kinds of headaches, mostly allergy headaches. I’m allergic to my pets especially Mister my cat, so I always have sinus problems. Like every day of the week my sinuses bother me. However, I am highly allergic to Juniper… like, as much as my sinuses don’t like my cat, they absolutely hate juniper and go on the offensive big time. It’s one of the reasons why we moved away from New Mexico a few years back. But, you know. I still got sick in Washington for other reasons. So here we are. I’m just gonna have to suffer every year during juniper season — which I believe is from January to March. So, that means I’ll have what feels like anything from a mild cold to a raging flu for about three months every year. Fun! Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes allergy headaches morph into migraines, and that’s what happened this week. It lasted a few days, so that was fun. It’s probably why the week flew by. I was kind of in a pain haze through most of it.

Oh yeah, I forgot, we took Poptart and Cocoa to the vet a little while back because Poptart has been overly aggressive lately and Cocoa has been… extremely whiney. I mean, he’s always whiney, but he ramped it up to 1,000 this past month or so. So we wanted to make sure there was nothing physically wrong with them. Turns out that Poptart has a little doggy arthritis going on, so he’s on some low NSAIDs to help with the pain, and that has lowered his aggression a bit and there’s nothing physically wrong with Cocoa, that we can find, so we’re trying him on some doggo Prozac to help with anxiety because he is an anxious pupper. So far, it seems to be working — even though we’re not supposed to see the full effect for weeks, and he’s only been taking it for a few days, his whining has dropped way down. So… maybe with all of the moving and the activity around the house since we’ve moved in, and whatnot, he’s just really on edge. So now we have three pets who are on medication. Mister for thyroid, Poptart for arthritis, and Cocoa for anxiety. My pets are getting old y’all. Rambling again. Blah. I’m tired. Anyway, not much else of note happened this week. Whenever I have the energy to do so, I’ll toddle outside and snap some pictures. I think the rockscape looks good. I’ll be the bushes and trees will look great in the spring and summer, and we have the fence going in next week, so I might wait until then to take pictures so y’all will have a better picture of it all coming together. I think the cat misses being able to hide in the vines, and I kind of feel guilty for taking greenery from the birds, but I’m hoping that once everything starts growing and blooming in the spring that will make up for it. That’s about all for now. Take care everyone.

A fuzzy picture of the three of them. Mister, Poptart, and Cocoa…

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