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At least I don’t have the plague

It’s been a pretty crappy week, y’all. I’ve felt like crap for most of it. I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday — via web — and she insisted that I get a COVID-19 test because I was coughing so bad I could barely talk. They also tested me for flu and strep. All negative. I kept telling her that it was allergies and I’m this bad every year, but she insisted. So y’all can rest easy that I am now certified to be plague free.

I still feel like shit though. Allergies ain’t no joke.

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On the plus side, I got a new prescription for my inhaler, which I’d run out of, and that’s made my breathing easier. I’m not coughing as much, so that’s good news. Oh yeah, and some strong-ass anti-biotics so those might be helping too.

Other than me being sick, not much else has gone on this week. Everything we had planned has been pushed back because… well… better safe than sorry, right? In the time of the plague, one should not expose other people to yourself if you think you might have it. So I still do not have a fence, nor do I have a remodeled mud room. But now that all of the tests have come back negative (got the last of the results today), I can go about rescheduling things. Hopefully, the fence at least, will be installed by next week. Getting that fence installed has been a long journey. Like, I got the estimate in December, y’all. It’s the middle of March. There’s been delay after delay… Ah well.

So that’s about it for this week. I’m exhausted. I put together a small shed yesterday. Just a little plastic thing for packages, nothing big or complicated. It took me hours, and I took my time to do it. But, my body is screaming at me for daring to do so. But hey, it’s put together, and I’m glad I got it done. Whenever we get the the fence up, I’ll attach the shed to the fence so people who deliver the packages can just put them in the shed without fear of getting bit by the dogs. Once the fence is up, I’ll take pictures so y’all can see what I’m talking about.

For now though, I’m just tired. For the first half of the week, it was nothing but coughing, wheezing and trying to breathe. Now that I have my inhaler back, I’m not coughing nearly as much so that’s good. I still can’t breathe very well though, and I’ll cough if I try and do something daring, like walk too much, or talk for a long time. But I can now get a cup of coffee now without breaking into a coughing fit, so… progress. Anyway, according to the tests, I’m plague free. I thought as much, but it’s good to have proof. I still feel like shit, but at least I don’t have the plague. Take care y’all.

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