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Goodness me, it’s been a week!

Hello, dear reader, I’m typing this to you from my brand spanking new laptop that my dearest husband bought for me because my computer is “in the shop” as they say. Remember last week when I said that I was yapping on the phone with tech support for over two hours because the fan was running loud whenever I played a game? Well that very day, I got an email saying they couldn’t send me a part unless I reinstalled the program I spent all of that time on the phone installing. So I called them up and was like, “What’s the deal with that?” and spent another hour on the phone… only to be cut off halfway through that. So I called back the next day for another hour of fun fun fun (I spoke to three separate people, just to be clear) and this guy was all, “Okay, it’s almost certainly a fan, but there are four fans in your computer and we can’t tell on the phone which fan it is.”

And I’m like, “I’ll agree with that. Even my husband and I can’t decide on which fan it is and we’re right here next to the computer.”

So the dude was all, “Can you mail your computer in?” to which I was like, “um…” but he was like, “It’s the only way we can be sure that we fix the problem correctly.” and I got his point. I mean, he’s right, there are four separate fans in the computer, and Doug thinks it’s the middle fan while I’m absolutely sure it’s the top one. So I was all, “Yeah, send me a box.” Which they did. I took a day to clean everything off of my computer that I don’t want anyone snooping into, then wiping the free space (deleting stuff from your computer doesn’t erase it, kiddos). Then I sent it off.

But that wasn’t everything that happened, oh no. I woke up a couple of days ago to four separate messages, two on my phone and two in my inboxes saying that someone had logged in to different accounts of mine. Now, I have 2-point validation on most of my accounts, so this could have been false flags, but four of them on the same morning? And one was an account I haven’t used in years, but they won’t let me delete it because a certain fruit-named company is an ass about these things. Like, just let me delete my account, people! I don’t use your product anymore! It’s so annoying! And they’re not the only one. I used this one website once, and had to sign up for the privilege and they won’t let me delete the account. I erased everything but my first name and email, but they won’t let me delete the account. It’s way frustrating. Anyway, I spent most of Friday morning going through my accounts and changing passwords or just flat out deleting obsolete and unused accounts — after changing the passwords of course. There weren’t as many this time because I just did this like a year ago? I think? But it’s still a long and tedious process. And I was doing all of this while trying to move all of my stuff off of the computer. And because I was trying to do too many things at once, I’m sad to report that I accidentally deleted the website I was working on. And I deleted it in a way that it was unrecoverable. So, my website is a tragic victim of me being an idiot, while being under the weather, and stressed by too many things happening at the same time. Completely and utterly my fault. I was trying to get things done in a rush — trying to get the computer out in a timely fashion and trying to secure my accounts before someone hacked them at the same time. All the while dealing with brain fog. It wasn’t a pleasant day.

Power Tower Image from Amazon

Yesterday, being Saturday, I got the computer packed up and sat down to a slow morning. I was on my tablet (this computer wasn’t supposed to come in until this coming Tuesday) and ready to just watch some videos and peruse the web. My tablet has a little blue tooth keyboard which makes it like a mini laptop, so it’s usable for just such purposes, but I wouldn’t use it as an every day computer. Anyway, I was sitting there, surfing Facespace and I heard this crackling noise coming from my desk. That’s odd, I thought. And I moved stuff around, thinking that maybe my shifting was making things rub against each other. But it kept happening. Now, there was a lamp on my desk that had a one of those plugs with a big, square box on it. The box wasn’t far from where I sat because it was plugged into a power tower on the top of my desk. And it sounded like the noise was coming from that box. Huh. So I unplugged the lamp and dug through my box o’ plugs for a similar one. I plugged it in. The lamp didn’t work, so I put the original plug back in, and the lamp didn’t work. Well damn. It’s at that point that the dogs started freaking out because there was someone at the door. FedEx with a delivery. This computer. Surprise! I was both frustrated and elated at this surprise — which shows my state of mind at the time. Anyway, I started to unpack the laptop and set it up. I then realized that I really need a cup o’ joe, and decided that that very moment was the best time to go make one. But when I go to turn the coffee maker on, it doesn’t work. Well, that wasn’t good. I moved the coffee maker to another counter and plugged it in, and, bam! it worked. Okay, not the coffee maker. Just to be sure of what’s going on, I flipped the switch on the kettle that’s plugged into the same outlet as the coffee maker — and no go. I opened the fridge — no light. Well, fuck. The whole circuit was out. Easy fix, but frustrating nonetheless. So I went outside, wrestled with the fuse box, and flipped the switch. When I got back to my desk, coffee in hand, I noticed that the power tower was still making that crackling noise. So I unplugged it and moved it away from my electronics. It was still crackling when I set it down but not as badly, and it faintly smelled a little of burning, but not terribly so. So, I think I caught it before it actually caught fire, and I’m not sure which shorted first, the lamp, which I’ve had for three or four years, or the power tower, which I bought earlier this year, but one shorted out the other I think. The lamp doesn’t work no matter where I plug it in, and I don’t trust the power tower to plug it in again. So that was yesterday.

In other news, I still do not have a fence, and my mudroom/laundry room remains unrenovated. I mean, I get it, things don’t get done. I was ruminating on that earlier today when looking at my ceiling fan. Like, it’s been without its cover for at least a month, maybe longer, because I haven’t gotten around to getting bulbs for it. It would be nice to have bulbs for it because it gets dark over there at night, especially now that my lamp shorted out, but I just haven’t gotten around to getting them. Same with our front porch light, it’s been out for weeks now. And while we bought a filter for the fridge (it has an ice and water dispenser), we still haven’t put it in. So I understand that the people who are supposed to be doing our stuff have to fit us in because we got delayed and they have other clients. And if they cancel their stuff to do our stuff, it all gets screwed up. However! I’ve been waiting for months for my fence. Like, months. Same with the reno. I’ve got all kinds of huge stuff in my house just sitting around waiting to be installed and I can’t do it. That’s why we hired other people to do it. If I could do it, I would have done it — thought arguably, I can change a lightbulb. So there’s that. ^_^ But ain’t no one paying me to change a lightbulb. You know?