Daily life

A small rant

So I mentioned yesterday that I still do not have a fence, nor is my mudroom renovated. Imagine my joy and surprise when the contractor for the mudroom emailed me this morning saying they could come by today around 11 to get started. Hurray! So I spent the morning moving stuff around and completely hurt my back. See, one of the things they’re supposed to be doing is putting our washer and dryer on pedestals, and those got delivered months ago, when we didn’t have room in the garage for them, so they’ve been sitting in my front room for months. So I pushed them into the mudroom because I totally didn’t want to deal with the dogs if the contractors needed to come into the house to put them in the mudroom. I also pulled some stuff out of the mudroom that really didn’t need to be there, cleared off the washer and dryer and all that. Wiped me out for an hour or so. I was all, “Yeah, things are gonna get moving now.” So, you can say I was a bit… annoyed when the contractor emailed me fifteen minutes before they were supposed to start to say they weren’t coming.

Seriously, What’s up with that?

Needless to say, I was a bit perturbed, and I said as much to him. He said he’d be here tomorrow, rain or shine. But if that were the only thing that happened, I would not be annoyed enough to need to rant about it. Oh no, dear reader, it takes way more than that to piss me off. So I figured I would go on Facespace to see what’s going on with my fence — that’s how they’ve been communicating with me. And the company’s Facebook page is gone. Like… gone. I tried calling their number, and it’s been disconnected. I was like, Fuck me. I mean, we’ve already paid them half of what they quoted to do the fence, and they’ve been stringing us along for three months. So I looked them up on Google, found a different number and called that. There was a voice mail so I left a message, then I tore apart my house looking for the business card dude gave me when he gave me his quote, because I remembered that there was a different number on it and after an hour, I found that. Let me tell you this for nuthin’ my body is screaming at me right now. It’s totally not happy with me. Not happy with me at all. My back, my knees, my head, and my gut are all yelling at me. Anyway, I called the other number on the card, and left another message. And I got a frantic call back from the new office manager. Turns out, there was a split in the company. One owner fired the other (the one I was working with was fired) because of “miscommunication”. Like, dude told me my fence was finished and we were just waiting on the powder coating, from what I now understand, it may or may not have even been started.

They don’t know. She’s like, they honestly don’t know. The remaining owner was the money behind the company, and the dude I was working with just had no idea what he was doing when it came to running a business. He lied to everyone. I mean, I kind of get it, there are some people who are great at their job, but should let other people run the business because they get overwhelmed when they try to do both. There’s a huge difference between being a good whatever and a good businessperson. That’s why small businesses often go under in less than a year. And I want to support small business. I do. But sometimes it seems that whenever I do, things like this happen. We’ve been waiting on both the mud room and the fence since January, y’all. It’s almost April. If we’d have gone with more established businesses, we’da had it done by now. And most bigger businesses won’t keep cancelling at the last minute. That’s just unprofessional. Don’t worry, dear reader, I’m not that angry at my contractor… just a bit frustrated by the whole thing. Most contractors are smaller businesses, and that means they don’t have a big staff, which means that they are subject to people calling in sick, but I am… annoyed… that things keep getting delayed. But I’ll get over it. I very rarely stay angry long. I think if my body didn’t hurt I probably wouldn’t be as torqued about it. Pain makes one more irritable. That’s just the way life works. Ranting about it helps. But it doesn’t make the pain in my body go away. Ah well. At least I got it off my chest. Thanks for listening.