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Sharing My World Lightly

It’s Monday, y’all and that means it’s time for Melanie’s Share Your World. She’s asking some deep questions this week and I dunno if I have the brainpower to get all philosophical today, but I I might get whimsical instead.

What is knowledge?

Knowledge is power, power corrupts, study hard, be evil.
Picture by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay edited in Photoshop by me

How do you define consciousness (self awareness)?

I doubt, therefore, I might be.
Image by jplenio from Pixabay edited in Photoshop by me

Is it possible to prove that other people besides yourself have consciousness? I suppose it’s possible, but why bother? Life is what it is.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Would you be able to tell if time had been altered in some way?

Google search…

Do you like potato chips (they’re called ‘crisps’ in Europe I believe)? I do. I also like European chips, called French Fries here in the states. I especially like Fish and Chips. Yummy.

Image by kariwil from Pixabay

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional)

On this side of the world it’s coming into Springtime. Celebrate Spring by sharing an image or anecdote that shares “Spring”!

Allergies, because nature kind of hates me.
I like spring, but it doesn’t like me. Ha!

5 thoughts on “Sharing My World Lightly

  1. I can relate to all of those! Of course, when it comes to fish & chips, you can keep the coleslaw and tartar sauce. Just give me the fish, chips, and a bottle of malt vinegar to shake over it as I please! Oh, and a nice cold pint of Newcastle Brown Ale would be good, too! (Dang! Now I’m hungry!)

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  2. Thanks for Sharing Your World Willow! I like both coleslaw AND malt vinegar with my fish & chips, just keep the slaw in its own little section, no mixing. Malt vinegar doesn’t ‘go’ with coleslaw in my opinion. I like those ‘pub’ or English chips too! Nom nom. The meme answer theme was very VERY clever! The cat one made me laugh aloud, which Ziggy did not appreciate, having settled in for his long morning’s nap on my lap. “I doubt. therefore I might be” is EXCELLENT! LOL Have a great week!


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