Daily life

Tired, y’all…

So, once again, it’s been an interesting week. Interesting probably only to me, but interesting nonetheless. The good news is that progress is being made on the mud room. It took a few days to get started, and it’s taking way longer than I thought it was going to because only one person is doing most of the work — I assumed there would be a crew (stupid me to assume anything). But at least it’s getting done. I mean, obviously I just assumed that it would be at least three people and they’d be in and out in two days, max. But damn, it’s gonna take a at least week. Still, as I said, it’s gonna get done. So I’m not gonna complain. Too much. The thing is, both Doug and I are way introverted and it stresses us both out to have people in and around the house. If I’da known it was gonna take so long… I dunno, I guess I should have asked. This is partially on me I guess. On the fence front, I’ve been on and off the phone with the company all week long and there IS progress being made. Which is good news. We got our security door back. They were supposed to cut a hole in it for the dog door, which they did. So there’s progress. They also came out to remeasure everything and go over the initial plans so that (hopefully) we’re all on the same page with what’s supposed to be done. So, (knock on wood) we should have our fence by the end of April. Cross your fingers, dear reader, the end of our home improvements — this round of them — is in sight. And we don’t plan on making any more planned improvements for a few more years. We were only able to make these because we had a little extra monies come in. This round blew through that.

Having said that, I need to call the landscaper and inform them that the gate they installed is starting to warp so they need to install a new one. Also, two of the trees they planted are dead, which I believe we have a one year warranty on that, so hopefully they can plant new ones. Because dead trees are no good for anyone. I also need to ask them about the fountain that they’re supposed to install. I also need to find someone to pull the weeds that are popping up everywhere because my body just isn’t up to it. That’s small potatoes, but it still needs to be done. Those are the things that need to be done and I need to psyche myself up to get on the phone and get them done. Sigh.

I did get my computer back, but they totally replaced the wrong part. >_< So I had to call them back and ask them, very politely mind you, how it escaped their notice when they “thoroughly tested” my computer that the issue persisted when my computer left their facilities. I mean, it’s a pretty simple issue, and very easy to test for, and I was not ambiguous in my wording when outlining what it was, so it wouldn’t have been hard to miss. To put it simply, the fan runs hot whenever I play video games. Honestly, it’s not that hard. All they had to do was fire up a game and listen for the fan. That’s what I did as soon as I got it, and the fan started to run hot. It’s way easy to test. Hell, all they had to do was run the video card troubleshooting test, it’ll run hot then too, but that takes a bit longer. So how in the world did they send my computer back still broken? After another hour on the phone with tech support, I am not awaiting a new video card and this time they are sending a technician to come and install it. Yippee.

Mostly, I’m tired because I’ve been on the phone most of the week, and because it really does stress me out to have someone at my house all day, even if they’re not inside. Also, there were a couple of appointments that were made and cancelled, and that totally stresses me out because I get anxious waiting for people. I dunno if that’s an introvert thing, a bipolar thing, or just a me thing. Next week, Brandy has her yearly check up and I’ll have to bring her in because Doug will be busy with work. I finally got signed up to get my inoculated for the plague, and have an appointment for my first jab next Friday. Doug and I tried to get an appointment for the same day, but the “event” filled up before he could get an appointment too. Ah well, I’m sure he’ll get one soon as well, and then we’ll both be sick with side effects. ^_^ Just kidding, I know it’s important. That’s why we’re doing it. And that’s basically all that happened this week. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but damn, it felt like it was a whirlwind of activity all week long. I’m exhausted. Drained. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep and contrarily not getting enough sleep. Like, I go to sleep early, because… tired, but my sleep keeps getting interrupted by weird dreams, loud noises or I just… wake up and can’t go back to sleep. It’s probably stress.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels edited in PS by me.