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It’s Monday, dear reader, and we all know what that means… It’s time for Melanie’s Share Your World. I’m hoping to get this written before the computer repair guy comes because I hate interruptions, but we’ll see. Anyway, if this feels rushed, you’ll know why. 🙂 Onwards and upwards, dear reader, here we go. 🙂 As always, head over to Melanie’s blog to see how other people answered the questions.

What was the last TV show you binge-watched? If you don’t watch TV (congratulations by the way) what’s the last thing you binged ON? My “TV” these days is YouTube, and I tend to have a video on whenever I’m doing other things (like writing this blog post) on the computer. So I dunno if it’s considered binging if I’m not watching it exclusively. But in the spirit of the question, I did put on a playlist yesterday and had it running most of the day. It was a let’s play of RimWorld. RimWorld is the only video game I can play right now, and it’s fun to watch other people play because I can learn new things. I didn’t think I would like it because of the graphics, but I’m having a lot of fun with it. It’s one of those games where I can lose many hours and not even be aware of time passing. I got into it because I watched someone else stream it on YouTube, and he was all, “You should give it a try, Willow. I didn’t think I’d like it either, but it’s really not that bad.” And he was right. I normally don’t like games with a lot of micromanagement, but this one just kind of sucked me in. And it’s not hard on my graphics card. Of course, I mod the hell of out, because of course I do, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, to answer the question, this is the playlist that I had on. I like it. I’m not through the entire playlist yet because the episodes are long. I think I got through the first three and halfway through the fourth. I found this dude in the comments of another video about Rimworld, and started watching his stuff. That’s how I find most of the stuff I watch.

What’s your most prized possession and why? So I point you to this picture below, and I draw your attention, dear reader, to the little clock in the middle. It is not worth anything at all. They don’t even make them anymore. But I’ve had that little clock for (breaking out the calculator) twenty-five years. It’s one of the first things I bought when I left my first husband. One of the first things I bought with my own money. In those twenty-five years, I’ve married twice more, had countless other relationships. I’ve moved to (counting) eight different states, at least fifteen different cities and I’ve lost count of how many different addresses. I have it written down somewhere. And through all of that, dear reader, that little clock has made the trip with me. It’s been dropped, thrown, misplaced, and even broken, but there it sits, still running. The letters on the top are faded and I can’t set the alarm, but hey, I’m a little faded around the edges too. I wouldn’t say that I have an attachment to the clock, but I must in some way because there it is. Sitting on my shelf of “important to me” items. You know? .

Important to me items (some of them)

If you had the time and inclination, what would you volunteer for? Not a damned thing. I volunteered to teach reading a couple of times in the past, and I was happy to do it, and I really enjoyed the people I worked with. I also volunteered in a few other places here and there. But all of the companies I’ve worked with in the past were picky… and so… I don’t want to say ungrateful… but they weren’t very forgiving about my disabilities and how I’m unable “be there” I guess. I mean, fuck me, the experiences made me never want to volunteer again.

Do you think that humans will ever be able to live together in harmony? No. It’s not in our nature. Get more than one human in a place and eventually there will be an argument. But so what? Conflict is a matter of life. Just look around you and you’ll see it everywhere. Why should we be different than, say, a pack of dogs or birds defending their territory? We are a part of nature no matter how much we like to think that we’re above it.

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  1. I love that you have that clock that represents so much to you. I don’t think I ever “just watch” tv. I have to be multitasking at the same time, so I get it. That is sad that your attempts to volunteer were not good experiences.

    After moving so much in your past, are you settled now, or just waiting for the next experience/move to come along?

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    1. After I married my third and final husband, I thought that I’d settled down for good (and I have as far as husbands go), but we’ve moved six times (two states, three cities, five addresses) since then. So… yeah. 🙂

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  2. Thank you Willow for Sharing Your World! I have such a clock (it’s digital though, with red numbers). I got it sometime in my 20s, a gift from my father. It still keeps accurate time, the alarm works, and I couldn’t begin to put a price on it, even though it’s probably not worth much in monetary terms. Some things are just precious because of the memories associated with them. I too had some bad experiences associated with volunteering and now I’m in far too sad a physical shape to even consider doing it. Most recently (and last) I volunteered at the local elementary school to teach reading to kids who were having trouble with it. I came away more convinced than ever that anything to do with children just isn’t my cup of tea. I wouldn’t have minded working at a soup kitchen or something though IF I had the physical strength and endurance to do such a thing. But that was before Covid too. Staying home isn’t such a terrible thing. Have a fantastic week!

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