I’m a little torqued right now

So, I mentioned a few blog posts ago that I had an appointment for a housekeeping service to come and give me an estimate for their services. Seems pretty cut and dry, right? They come out, look around and tell me what it’ll cost for a deep clean and bi-weekly or monthly service. I wanted a service because they’re usually insured, bonded, and if someone calls in sick there are teams and, I dunno, I guess I just want to deal with a service rather than an individual because… I’ve dealt with individuals before and sometimes it’s hard to stay professional if/when things go awry. Sometimes. I guess. Maybe I’m just borrowing trouble. I dunno. Anyway, I went with The Cleaning Authority here in Albuquerque because they use green stuff and they have good Google Review — almost only five star reviews (should have been my first red flag, no one has only five star reviews on Google). We’ll see how long mine lasts. And in case they do take it down… here it is for posterity:

Now I shall elaborate on the above review because I’m, like, so angry about it. Still. And it’s been four hours since I got their stupid phone call. I usually don’t stay angry for this long. But you know what? I don’t like being judged at the best of times, y’all and the way this woman came into my home and looked down on me and my house was infuriating. It’s not her job to judge me. I was polite to her the entire time she did her evaluation because I figured she was just having a bad day, but let me tell you this for nuthin’ — if someone’s job is to evaluate homes for cleaning, then I think they need to know the difference between hard water stains and… anything else. I mean, sure, it looks gross, but hard water is hard water and trust me, I’ve tried to get rid of the stains, but as I’ve mentioned before. I’m fucking disabled and don’t have the energy to sit there and scrub the toilet every freaking day. So it looks disgusting but what can you do? It’s just hard water stains. It’s not like it’s gonna hurt anyone. I also believe that if someone is evaluating a house for cleaning as a living, they shouldn’t be frightened away by a little slime in the shower (Doug’s shower is kind of gross, I’m gonna admit that, but it’s their job to clean showers and toilets. Like come on, I saw way worse when I cleaned houses.), and I certainly think that they should not be looking down their nose at a little dust in the corners, or clutter on the counters. Like, here are a few random pictures of my house, and this is what she implied would take a team of professional cleaners over eight hours to clean:

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels edited in PS by me

Is it messy? Yes, yes it is. Which is why we were looking to hire housekeeping company to come in and clean it. Is it cluttered? You betcha. My house is always cluttered. Why? because we live here, and we both clutter the place up. I’ve always had a cluttered house, and I always will. But cluttered, dear reader, does not equal dirty. I declutter our house about once a month or so because even I have my limit. Is it so disgusting that it would take a team of professional cleaners more than eight hours to clean it? No, it certainly is not. As I mentioned above, I cleaned houses before I became disabled. It was one of my many second jobs to make up for the money I wasn’t making as an office assistant. Sometimes I did it full time. I cleaned hotel rooms too. I also cleaned offices come to think of it. I did housekeeping a LOT when I was younger. I know what it takes to clean a house as a professional. Hell, for a short time, I had my own housekeeping business. It didn’t last long, but hey, I gave it a shot. I wasn’t good at the whole business thing when I was unmedicated. The thing is, I know that my house is not that messy when it comes to being professionally cleaned. It would take a team of professional cleaners, especially if there were three of them as there usually are, four hours, tops, to come in, wipe the surfaces, vacuum/sweep the floors, and clean the bathrooms (even with the master bath being in the state that it’s in). We’re not even asking them to make the beds or anything like that. I know that I would have to move stuff off of the counters before they got here and things like that or just tell them, “Don’t worry about the kitchen counters.” Because — and I made this very clear when talking to the woman who came to evaluate the house — I’m only worried about the floors and the dust that’s gathering on the shelves and in the corners. And the bathrooms, but hell, I know what it takes to clean a shower. That was one of my main jobs as a housekeeper. But apparently that’s too much for them to do.

What torqued me off the most, dear reader, was the implication that our house was in such a state that they simply (and I quote) “did not have the time or the manpower to take us as a client”. What the actual fuck does that mean? I am so insulted. I have not been this angry in a long time. This rant probably sounds garbled and incoherent because I am so angry. I want to call their parent company up and complain about them because of this. Like what the fuck? Are they doing so well that they can turn clients away like that? They quoted us an outrageous price to deep clean our house and we were willing to pay it because I simply don’t want to deal with the whole evaluation process again but nope, they don’t want clients I guess. I hope their franchise goes belly up if this is how they’re going to treat people. Anyway, I wanted to get it off my chest a bit. I’m still angry though. Maybe I’ll play a video game and shoot people virtually. That might help. I’d clean something but my asthma is really bad these days. Like… bad. Even after taking both my preventative inhaler and my rescue inhaler. AND having so much dust around isn’t helping which is why we were looking to hire a housekeeping company! >_< Deep breath. Anyway, — ironically — rage cleaning is something I can’t do. Which makes me even more frustrated and angry. *sigh*

Addendum: To pour salt on the wound, just after I wrote this, I checked my email and found an email (sent this morning) from the company thanking me for allowing them to evaluate my home and reminding me that they’re a great company and listing all the reasons why I should hire them. I realize it’s probably an automatic email, but It just pissed me of. I’m afraid I may have replied with a strongly worded email because I really saw red when I read it. Le Sigh. I was calming down too. Oh well. In the grand scheme of things, this is small potatoes. But it still pisses me off. It pissed Doug off too. And he’s not easily annoyed. What’s the saying? Beware the anger of a patient man. I’m fairly sure that he’s not angry enough to do anything, but… yeah.


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  1. I cleaned houses, too—for three years. I had one customer with cats, and when I looked under the bed to vacuum, there were dozens of little corpses and skeletons. Eeuuwwwww……Your house doesn’t look half bad to me. Fuck ’em.


  2. OMG they are unprofessional and wrong. Your house does not look “undoable.” Your house needs what most people need, a clean up then maintenance. Don’t people understand that physical limitations mean just that. You do what you can with your limitations.

    I hope your rant made you feel a little bit better. It is challenging to deal with people who judge and don’t do their job properly.

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    1. Ranting about it made me feel a little better, but it took a while for me to completely calm down.

      The main problem with my disabilities is that they are “invisible” — asthma, COPD, fibromyalgia, thyroid and the like. So when I’m gasping for breath, some people just see a fat, winded woman and think, “She should lose some weight.” Because that’s the society we live in. It doesn’t occur to them that I’m overweight because of my disabilities, not the other way around. But yeah…

      Anyway, thanks for the thoughts. They are much appreciated.

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