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So a little bit ago, I posted the image below on my Facespace (Facebook for those uninitiated in Willow-speak)… an image, I might add that I found ON that same website and shared to my own page. A split second after I shared said image I got a stupid splash screen that informed me I was spreading “misinformation” about the plague, and that was my second warning. The first — in December, warned against tyrants. It was a famous quote from Voltaire? I think? It’s been a long time. But they again said I was spreading misinformation. Whatever. Anyways, this is the image I shared today. I’ll leave it to y’all to see if it was spreading misinformation or not:

I thought it was amusing, myself.

Facebooks response:

Banned for 24 hours! Whatever shall I do?

I think it’s both funny and annoying. Facebook is a private company. I don’t pay them to use their services. They can ban me if they want to and I’ll take my toys and go home. I don’t care. It’s a big world out there and I can live without Facespace. Yeah, most of my friends are on it, but it’s kind of a little scary that they are trying to control the information that’s being shared. Honestly, that’s nothing new or different. But it makes one think. Doesn’t it? Anyway, thought I’d share. Have fun y’all. I won’t be able to share this on to Facebook, for obvious reasons, until tomorrow. Should I risk it? I dunno. We’ll see. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Denied!

  1. Fakebook gets to do what they want. I do find it funny, but I am a mask wearer all the time. I have a relative who has been banned frequently because she posts that masks are not needed and the virus is a hoax. (we don’t agree)

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    1. Like I said, Facebook is a private company, so they get to say what gets posted on their website. I’m not complaining about that. I just think their automated system needs some tweaking. 🙂

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  2. I am on the masks are stupid side of things and have felt oppressed by the media giants for months now. Apparently it’s not okay (in their purview) for anyone to talk about masks or vaccines. They don’t want us to debate or discuss it. They just want us to do what they say and shut up.

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    1. Eh, they’re private companies so they can say what gets posted on their websites. I have no problem with that. Debates can be saved for private gatherings or public forums. That’s my opinion anyway.


    2. It’s astonishing how many people in the U.S. are unaware that health experts disagree on the efficacy of masking, or the safety and/or efficacy of vaccines. The have never heard any dissenting experts because they get all their news and information from social media, and FB (I can’t speak for the others since I don’t use them) will not allow any posts that contradict their preferred narrative. They either flat out disallow the post or they slap a “fake news” warning on it. This leads many people to believe that the experts are unanimously pro-mask and pro-vaccine.


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