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Of all the… a response to my review

So I got a “we’re sorry you feel that way” response to my review on Google for that fiasco that happened last week (which you can read about here if you missed it. This will probably be the last time I write about this unless they do call me (probably not) because I’m honestly over the whole thing. They were unprofessional. I know my house isn’t a mess, and they can kiss my ass and rot in hell as far as I’m concerned. If they’re doing so well that they can throw away clients, more power to them. Anyway this was their response:

How’s that for a “We’re sorry you feel that way but we didn’t do anything wrong.” response? Like, unless their company does something other than sweep/vacuum the floors and wipe down surfaces, I cannot imagine how my house falls outside the scope of what “set of services” they “offer”. Because, as seen by the pictures I showed in my previous post, that’s all I need. Someone to sweep/vacuum and wipe down the surfaces. Whatever. I’ve moved on. I mean, yeah I still get a bit ticked when it’s brought up, like when I got the email that they replied, but I don’t sit around stewing about it. Screw them and the horses they rode in on.

In other news, we did get the bookcases put together yesterday, and we put the bins of books that have been sitting around into said bookcases. So that’s good. I have a couple of more bins of books sitting in the storage room that need unboxing, and then we’ll have some empty bins for Doug to use to go through his stuff. Then… well we might need more shelves. Ha! Double ha! I’ll tell you what, dear reader. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much stuff in all my life, and there was a time when I turned a walk-in closet into a walk-in library. But that’s when I had three teenagers living with me. We had a lot of books. Like, a lot of them. There’s just the two of us right now and I think we have more books than we did back then. To be fair, it was a small closet for a walk in. ^_^ But I lie — kind of — Doug and I have pared down our stuff quite a bit due to moving several times. So it only seems like we have so much stuff right now. When I first married him, he was toting around truckloads of superfluous do-dads. The man holds on to things, there’s no doubt about that. But me… this is the first time in my life that I’ve had so much… clutter about me that I can say is mine. I’ve said it before because it’s true, most of my adult life, everything I owned could fit into the back of my car. And that was on purpose because I moved so often. I don’t think I could say that now. Guess that’s the power of love, huh? Ha! Maybe I’m finally putting down roots. Who’da thunk it?

A small sample of my “stuff” as seen from my computer.

In other OTHER news, my breathing is a bit better today. I still can’t do too much, but it’s nice to be able to draw a full breath without coughing. So… yay! I was able to get the dishes done and wipe down most of the kitchen before I had to take a break. And that’s why I’m looking into getting a housekeeper of some type, because I can do basic household chores — do the aforementioned dishes, wipe the counters and such. But things like mop the floors, and dust the bookshelves? Well things like that I just can’t keep up with. Like, it took me hours to put the books from the bins to the shelves yesterday. Hours, dear reader. And that wasn’t because I was reading them. Ha! It’s because one of the bins didn’t have a lid and the books were covered with dust, so I had to wipe each one down with a damp cloth and then again with a dry cloth before I could put it on the shelf. That was fun. I’m glad that was the only bin without a cover because I don’t want to do that again. Anyway, about once a week, I’m usually able to sweep the general areas of the house and keep the place relatively clean. But the nooks and crannies that we don’t use often? And places like, behind the commodes and behind the doors? Well, I just don’t think of them until they’re covered in dust (see above picture) and that’s just not good for my asthma or COPD. So getting a housekeeping service that can come in once a month, clean all the nooks and crannies just makes sense. Well it did. Now I’m not so sure. Either way, it’s something for me to chew on again.

I just thought I’d catch y’all up. Take care y’all, and be safe.

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  1. Sorry about your dealings (or not dealings) with this cleaning company. The most you can say is that they gave a response, though seemed like a form letter just to be done with it. Not a very good apology at all. Maybe there is another company you could check out in town?
    I’d love to have someone come in to do the floors among other things I can’t get to, too. 🙂

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