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Answering the Blog Series Questions

So, Melanie answered some questions from A Guy Called Bloke (AKA Rory) and I thought they were interesting so I figured I’d give them a go since my lungs are not cooperating with me today. Honestly, I might have to see a doctor or sumthin’ about this whole breathing thing… We’ll see. I’m super weird about these things. Anyway, since I’m sitting here doing nuthin’ but taking in air, I’ll give these give these questions a try. Head over to Rory’s blog to see the originals and his answers, and to Melanie’s blog (where I found them) to see her answers. Anyway, without further ado, on to the questions!

How many social networking platforms are you committed to for ‘social coverage’ for your written and published blog content? [Whatever your genre] I post a link to my blog on Facespace and that’s it. I do this because most of my readers are on Facespace — friends and family. I have a few readers here on WordPress, but the majority of my traffic comes from Facebook. There used to be a blog-like feature on Facespace, called “notes” or something, but they got rid of it a few years back. That’s when I started blogging for reals, first on Blogger, then on WordPress.

How far ahead do you have planned or scheduled content to be published on your blog or are you more of a ‘in the moment’ type of writer? Planned? Scheduled? What are these strange words that you use? 🙂 I rarely plan anything in my life, let alone a blog post. I may have an idea for a blog post banging around in my head for a few days, but I rarely, if ever make a plan to post it. Like, it’s more of a “maybe someday I’ll write a post about that.” I think the closest thing I come to planning a blog post is if something happens I’ll say to myself, “I’m totally gonna blog about that tomorrow.” For example, that debacle with the housekeeping company this past week. So I totally fall into the “in the moment” kind of writer.

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The thing is, I like the idea of schedules. Hell, I’ve bought and printed out so many calendars and planners over the years just to make schedules, but in the end, I’m just not a schedule kind of person. Like, I have to take medicine every day. It’s non-negotiable, they have to be taken. And I need to take one in the morning and two at night. The two I take at night ideally should be taken four hours apart. So I should take one at six in the evening (that’s 18:00 for those who don’t do the twelve hour clock) and the other should be taken at ten at night (22:00). Doug gives me the ten o’clock meds so I don’t forget them because after the 6 o’clock meds, I get kind of loopy. I have an alarm to tell me to take my evening meds. But, do I remember to take them every night? No. Most nights, yeah, but some nights, I just hit the alarm and go about my business, telling myself that I’ll take them “in a minute”. Ha! Then I’m up at two in the morning wondering why I’m not asleep (because I didn’t take the meds that help turn my brain off, that’s why). Anyway, that’s a pretty simple schedule, right? Six PM, take your meds. But I have trouble sticking to even that. I take my breathing meds most mornings, but I’ll totally forget if I’m breathing okay. So yeah. Even though I like the idea of schedules, my brain just has difficulties sticking with them.

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How much time do you spend ‘in/on’ your blog daily? Well, I obviously don’t post daily, but I check my blog and reader sporadically throughout the day. Depending on how I feel, it can take hours for me to make a blog post. Especially if I’m creating a picture to go with it. Though I suppose then I’m spending more time in Photoshop than I am on WordPress. But it’s still kind of blog-related, so I dunno if that counts. 🙂 Then, of course, there’s the proofreading, editing and rewriting. Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like I proofread because my blog is full of mistakes, but I do — mostly because I edit and rewrite, believe it or not. I’ll delete things and miss words when I delete so I end up with funky sentences. My proofreading skills aren’t what they were when I was in college. It doesn’t help that my eyesight is going and the words are kind of blurry. I’ve had my eyes checked and they keep telling me my prescription is right, but the words remain blurry, even if I enlarge them on the computer. So, I dunno. Anyway, it does take some time to write these posts, make the pictures, and publish them. As for daily time spend, as always, it depends on the day, how I’m feeling, and what’s happening on said blog. I suck at averages, but I’d guess that I spend about maybe four hours average… Maybe.

Are the social niceties of being LIKED important to you? Eh, if someone likes my post, then it says that they’ve read it (I hope). I don’t think that readers need to go out of their way to comment on everything I write, though I do enjoy it when someone does. It makes my day to see comments, but I’ll take likes. Anything is better than talking to an empty room. So there’s that.

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  1. I’m glad you felt inclined to answer the questions. Rory comes up with some doozies sometimes, but this series about blogging is interesting too. I ALWAYS read all your post(s) word for word, because you are among a handful of bloggers I follow who write interesting posts every single time. So there’s that. And with Mister & the Gang of Three (Four?) you’re NEVER alone, are you? 😉

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    1. Well, the pets do keep the noise level up, that’s fersure. hahaha! But they don’t read my blog, so there’s that. You’re also one of the blogs I read daily, even if I don’t comment every time.


    1. Isn’t that the truth? I’m okay so long as I sit still, it’s when I start moving around that it gets bad. Most of my friends and family are still on Facespace, so that’s where I go.

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