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Sharing My World 5/10/21

It’s Monday, dear reader, and that means it’s time for Melanie’s Share Your World. And even though it’s only nine in the morning, I am totally exhausted, so bear with me if this post is one of two things — way short, or a bit of a ramble. I tend to go either way whenever I’m tired. 🙂 Anyway, head over to Melanie’s blog to see the links to other people’s answers, or to participate yourself. Here are this week’s questions:

What do you believe but cannot prove? I believe in the possibility of all things. Do unicorns exist? Maybe. Just because we haven’t found them doesn’t mean the possibility of unicorns doesn’t exist. I fully believe that if we can imagine it, then it is possible. Maybe not on this Earth, but somewhere else that life exists. Which is another thing I believe, that this Earth is not the only place we exist. I honestly believe that of all the stars, solar systems, and galaxies out there, we cannot be the only habitual planet that just happened to pop out sentient life. One of the things I kind of believe but am not sure about, is that when we die, we are born again in another world, and the things we dream about or imagine are kind of residual memories of other worlds that we’ve lived in, which is why I believe in the possibility of all things. Even if they don’t exist here, it’s possible they exist elsewhere in the universe.

Do animals have morals? Exclude human beings from the equation please. I don’t know. I can’t ask them. And honestly, morality is such a subjective subject I wouldn’t even want to burden them with human morals. Like, to some people killing anything, even for food, is immoral, but animals kill for food without thinking because it’s what they need to do for survival. I think that most animals are happy to just go about living their lives without morals weighing them down. But like I said, I can’t read their minds, so I have no idea if they care or not.

They sleep well at night regardless

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance? Six of one, half dozen of the other. I think there’s a saying that goes along the lines of Out of chaos comes order. And that’s totally true, but order isn’t static, because you know, nothing is static. Eventually order will fall into chaos and the cycle will continue. Think about it, even though we have this beautiful solar system that we live in right now, eventually our sun will explode and boom! chaos. And eventually what’s left of our solar system will meld into another bit of the universe and everything will be in order again. For a time.

Where is your least favorite place in the world? Well, I haven’t been everywhere in the world, but of all the places I’ve been, I can say that my least favorite place that I’ve lived is Florida. Sorry to anyone who lives in Florida and loves it, but it’s totally not for me. I really dislike it. I could go on and on about how hot and muggy it is, and the bugs… But, I just didn’t like it. I didn’t. Of all of the places I’ve lived — and I’ve lived in a lot of places — I would never move back to Florida. It would take a lot for me to even visit Florida.

Feel free to share something about the seasons that makes you smile!

I was gonna share this last week, but wasn’t feeling well. It’s a week late, but hey, it’s something that makes me smile. Warning, strong language. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sharing My World 5/10/21

  1. Thanks, Willow for Sharing Your World! Cool song (in ASL yet!). What a great picture of the fur kids, they look very contented and healthy! Florida was never a place I wanted to visit, but now I’m convinced. I’ve heard it can be a bit crowded too. Ugh. Mosquitos AND too many people? Uh, no. I hope you feel better soon!

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    1. I’ve lived in Florida for various reasons three times in my adult life. Never again. It wasn’t necessarily overcrowded except in the summer. But it’s been a while since I lived there, and I lived, for the most part, on Navy bases, so my mileage may vary. 🙂

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