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I yelled at people this week

Well, yelled is probably not the right word, but I had strong words with at least two people this week. Three, come to think of it. Behold, dear reader, my front wall:

front wall

And while my flowers are coming along nicely, you’ll might notice that there still is no fence topper on said wall. I’ve mentioned this fence, and lack thereof before… several times. That’s because we got an estimate for that fence in flipping January, dear reader, January! And we’ve been getting one story after another since then. I called the company this week, I finally got through after leaving messages on several mediums for over a week, which means I was already frustrated. And I got another song and dance, so I just lost it. Basically, I was a hair away from going full on Karen with the woman on the phone because she was all, “But we didn’t know about your order until April.” Like, that’s not my problem. That’s still a full month and a half ago, and I don’t have a fence. And she was like, “But we installed your door, right?” As if doing that tiny bit should have mollified me and kept me off of their back. Like, this very same woman said I would have my fence by then end of April, then she told me it would be installed by the first week of May, now she’s all, “We’re working on a backlog of new orders” and I’m like “I don’t care. I’ve been waiting on my fence, which I’ve already paid half of, since January, and I’m tired of getting the run around.” The only reason I’m still doing business with them is because we paid half down in January and it would be a pain to try and get our money back. In hindsight, that was probably dumb, but it’s SOP as far as I know. Anyway, I’m half an inch away from just demanding our money back and going with someone else. I basically told her that’s what I was going to do if I didn’t have a fence — the fence I want — by end of this month because I’m sick of waiting. I think I’ve been way more than patient, y’all. So that was the first person I had strong words with. We’ll see if they took me seriously.

The second frustration of the week had to do with my computer. I mentioned before that I’ve been having problems with the stupid thing for about two or three months now. We have an extended warranty on the silly thing, so I’ve been going back and forth with tech-support all this time. They’ve replaced every single fan and the graphics card, but the problem persists. I understand that tech support is hobbled by their training and they cannot deviate from their script, but it’s so frustrating because the problem lies beyond what they’re trained to look for. So they just keep doing the same thing over and over again even when I say, “Your colleague has already done that.” Also, they only troubleshoot over the phone, and can’t send a technician to my house to listen to the problem and figure out what’s wrong. The only people that do house calls are the people who change out parts, which is annoying as hell because the phone techs can’t hear the problem. Anyway, after months of going round and round with them, they decided that my fan problems are “normal” and I went off on them. I actually said, “Look, I’ve been using computer since they invented the personal computer. I freaking know what’s normal and what’s not normal, and this is not normal.” To which they doubled down and said, “Ma’am, your fans are behaving normally.” and just blew my top (very politely) and said I was not happy with this situation. I almost yelled at the poor guy. I’m not a yelling person, dear reader, and I know it’s not his fault, but I’m honestly not happy that I’ve spent so much wasted time and effort and not only have they not fixed the problem but it’s gotten worse. Because now not only does my graphics card fan come on whenever I try to play a game, but the top fan comes on whenever I so much as click on a game. But yeah, it’s totally normal. Grrrr.

The third *sigh* miscommunication was this:


Long time readers might recognize this as the bird bath/fountain we ordered way back in February. The company we ordered it from received it almost a month ago, but they delivered it to us yesterday. Y’all might notice that there isn’t any water in it at the moment. That’s because of two things. One, those brass bits had to be glued on, and have to set for a couple of days, and two, it’s not water fed. The one thing I emphasized over and over again was that I wanted a fountain that was water fed — meaning that I didn’t want a fountain that needed me to add water to it. And here we are, four months later, with a fucking fountain that does not have fucking water in it. No, dear reader, I am not a happy camper. The person who installed it saw that I wasn’t happy with this current state of affairs, and said he would come back out on Monday to see if he could fix it. Maybe drill a hole, run a water line, and add a damper to the fountain. I don’t know if they can, but I’m not pleased. I didn’t take it out on the delivery guy. It’s not his fault, but I did say that this fountain was “…nothing but a series of miscommunications from the very beginning”. He was sympathetic because I bet he could feel the frustration emanating from me. I mean, it’s a nice fountain and all, but we were very specific in what we wanted, I didn’t want a fountain that needs me to add water to it every other day because sometimes, dear reader, I’m just too tired to think of trivialities like water fountains and we have a sprinkler system that facilitates these things. You know? I know, first world problems, but it was just the final straw for the week, and we’ve been waiting on this fountain for a long time, only to have it be the wrong kind. Even Doug was pissed about it.

One good thing that happened this week is that we did have landscapers come out and “clean up” our front yard. I’m totally grateful that we have the money this year to pay for something like that because I totally do not have the energy to go out and pull up, what do they call them? Runners I guess from the Russian sage. I don’t have any before pictures, but the after pictures look pretty good. They came out, listened to what I had to say, and did exactly what I asked them to do. After everything that we’ve gone through since we’ve bought this house, that was a refreshing ray of sunshine. Let me tell you that for nuthin’. Anyway, here’s what our tidied up front yard looks like:

They also cleaned up all of the foxtail weeds from the strip between the driveway and our neighbor’s yard, which was great. I totally didn’t like having all of those foxtails there because they’re not great for animals — dangerous even. I found a little cactus on that part of the yard a week or so ago and they moved it to the front part of the yard. Hopefully, it’ll take and we’ll have a bit ol’ cactus there soon. I’ve always wanted a cactus in my yard. 🙂 So that was a good thing that happened this week.

Another good thing that happened is that Poptart seems to be improving. He’s jumping up on the furniture again and not falling off like his was before. He’s still using the bed I made for him on the floor more often than not, but he is jumping on the furniture too. I’m still waiting for the puppy Prozac to kick in so that he will stop chasing the cat, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it never will. I might have unrealistic expectations. We’ll see. I did catch this picture of him this morning when I was taking pictures of the yard. Despite his foibles, he is a good dog. He wanted to come out of the door, and totally could have, but he knows that he’s not supposed to unless I tell him he can. Cocoa too. They can both fit through that hole, but they’ve been taught to stay inside. They may be little stinkers, but they’re good dogs. Brandy is behind them… out of the picture. She can’t fit through that hole, but she totally wants to. This, dear reader, is why I want the fence done. I want to be able to let the dogs outside into the front yard so they can see the world outside of their front door.

Poptart and Cocoa

So, yeah, it’s been an emotionally draining week. Doug got his second shot and is still recovering from that. He’s been fatigued for most of the week and is kind of surprised at how long it’s taking to get over that. I’m all, “Welcome to my life!” Ha! Just kidding, I sympathize because I do know how it feels to be fatigued, and I wish him a speedy recovery. I hate feeling lethargic, it sucks rocks. Take care, y’all.

3 thoughts on “I yelled at people this week

  1. Brother! It doesn’t rain, but it pours! Having a cluster of frustration like that is horrible and good on ya for keeping your temper mostly in check. It won’t be of comfort, but sadly (in my opinion anyway) that’s now how things are. Nobody gives a thought to customer satisfaction and the idea of ‘the customer is always right’ has gone the way of the dodo. I didn’t notice it as much before last year either. It’s like the tradition was broken last year, and now there are new rules which everyone is supposed to be fine with. Does your town have a Better Business Bureau? Those fence people need to be reported, and I’d bet you’ll find they’ve been reported before. It might just be easier to demand your money back and try someone who wants the work. Up to y’all of course, it sounds like physically things aren’t exactly great in your house! The guys are SO CUTE! I’m sorry that Poptart hasn’t been well, and it says to me that I have missed a few memos here and there because I didn’t know anything was wrong with him. He looks very healthy now! Good deal. Good luck with all of it.

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    1. Hey Melanie, I sent the fence people an email yesterday severing our contract with them. Hopefully we’ll our money back without too much difficulty. I’m fairly sure they haven’t been reported to the BBB because they’re a relatively new business (which I found out after we signed up with them, so that’s on me, really). Being a new and small business means that we might have to kiss our deposit goodbye, but sometimes that’s how these things go. Lesson learned.

      Poptart was having trouble a few weeks back. He’d jump up on the furniture and fall off almost immediately, and he had trouble even going up the ramp we have for the couch. We took him to the vet and they think that it’s old age catching up to him. They said things like that will come and go and to keep an eye on him.


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