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So, I am stretched tight, mentally. I mentioned to y’all last week that we are still without a fence and the company is giving us the run around. I emailed them last week on Monday and told them that I found them in breach of contract and to refund our money. The office manager called me Tuesday and asked me to please give them a chance to “make it right” and I was all, “Fine, send me a reply to my email with a date of installment so I’ll have it in writing.” and she was all, “I’ll do that right now.”

No email came.

So I was like, I’ll give her even one more chance. And I sent her an email saying, “Look, I asked for a simple thing, just send me an email with an install date. Do it by the end of the business day today or our verbal contract is null and void.” That was on Wednesday.


She fucking sends me a reply to the second email Friday evening at six o’clock and is all, “I wrote an email when I said I would, but it was in draft, and I sent it just now as proof. And I just got this email just now. Please give us a chance.” Like what kind of rookie bullshit is this? I knew, just knew, as in I would have bet money on Wednesday when I didn’t get an email that she was going to reply with an email that said just those words. That’s first year business lying right there. Has this person never worked in an office? This is classic mushroom growing at its best. My first email was stuck in draft and I just got your other one? My god, that’s just… I’m speechless. Anyway, I told her to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine and refund our money. Politely of course. Actually, what I said was that she didn’t deliver the one, simple thing I asked for — a written agreement of a solid installation date — and since I lacked the patience and the time for her shenanigans to please refund our money and consider our business complete. So now I’m still fenceless and I need to find a new company to do our fence. Which is a whole nother stress in and of itself. But honestly, I dislike being mean to people, even when it’s warranted and even politely, so it stressed me out big time. I know that my business with this company isn’t done, because until we get our deposit back I know that we’re going to be dancing back and forth with them, and just the idea of it is making me cringe.

Still fenceless
Nothing but miscommunication

On to the next… annoyance. As I noted in my last update, we got a fountain last week. It’s not the kind of fountain that we wanted. The company came out and “fixed” it by shoving two sprinkler heads into the back of the fountain so it’ll fill up every other day. Yeah, that totally did NOT fix it. I still have to fill the damned thing every day to keep the pump covered which is exactly the opposite of what I want to do. So now I have to call the company back on Monday and tell them that their fix did not work and probably demand that they remove the pump because they assured us that it was a water-fed fountain, and it totally was not and I don’t want a fountain that I need to fill every day. I don’t care how nice it looks. So I’m going to have to be mean again on Monday, and I don’t like doing it. But we paid a lot of money for this stupid fountain, and we waited months for it to be installed, and it’s been half-assed all the way. And! And! I can’t even plug the lights in. They totally didn’t even make sure that they could install it correctly. Like they just stuck it there, and I can either plug the lights in or plug the pump in, but not both, because the outlet that’s there isn’t big enough for the brick that’s on the light plug. And when I was talking to the guy he’s all, “That’s a husband project.” Like, no… that’s what we’re paying y’all for. Oh, that made me so mad.

Adding on to the phone calls I’ll have to make tomorrow (Monday), I really need to call my doctor and make an appointment. I’ve been putting it off because I really want to find a new doctor. I mean this one is okay but she’s a “deal with one problem at a time” kind of doctor and I don’t have one problem at a time. I have comorbid issues and I need to deal with them all, like, right now. My asthma/COPD isn’t going to wait until my thyroid is dealt with, and my thyroid isn’t gonna just stand by until the fibromyalgia is taken care of, and my bipolar looms over everything. &c… and so on. It’s just frustrating when I go to a doctor, who is a nice enough doctor and they listen to what’s going on and the first thing they say is, “Well, what’s bothering you right now?” Like, all of it. That’s why I’m telling you about all of it. And they’re all, “Let’s just take care of what’s bothering you most.” It makes me want to scream. So I avoid going to doctors like that. I kind of inherited this doctor from the clinic I go to when my old doctor quit practicing. I need to see a doctor because I have medications that require a doctor for prescribing, so it’s a necessary evil I suppose. That and bloodwork for said meds. Which is why I have to go to call and make an appointment in the first place. That and the scare I had the other night. I suppose I should tell her about that. Blah.

And, I guess I should find a dentist too about the tooth that’s still broken. I mean, it’s not gonna fix itself. I did go to a dentist a week or so ago. Went by myself and everything. Go me. They x-rayed my tooth and everything. The dentist though, she was kinda… I dunno, there was just something about her that set me on edge. That and the place seemed so… out of date. Like, old. If that makes any sense. I don’t need the latest and greatest technology, but it’s like the chairs in the waiting room were way uncomfortable, and ones in the rooms themselves were like, super uncomfortable. It’s as if they didn’t care about their patient’s comfort at all. I mean, sure a trip to the dentist isn’t supposed to be like a day at the spa, but if someone is going to be sitting in a chair for hours getting their tooth hacked at, shouldn’t they at least try to make the chair a little easy to sit on? I tried every way possible to rest my legs on that chair and nothing I did felt pleasant. Root canals take forever, y’all. After an hour or two, my back would have been killing me. That, and there was nothing interesting to look at while sitting in the chair. Like, the walls were just… bland. And there were no doors on the rooms, just two open places in the walls. Which is okay, I guess, except the chairs were facing away from the openings and I’m hypervigilant and having the chair faced away from everything that’s going on while being basically helpless? Yeah, not a good feeling. Honestly, the whole place was just giving me bad vibes. But at first I said to myself, What do you want? It’s a dentist. Then I interacted with the dentist herself and she just made the whole experience even more tense with her rude and abrupt bedside manner. So, at first I resigned myself to another root canal and cap but while I was sitting in the chair and they were prepping for the root canal and I just got this weird feeling like, Why am I letting them do this? I really don’t trust this dentist. Go get a second opinion. And I was like, “I changed my mind. I’m not gonna do this today.” I pulled off the bib, sat up and just kind of walked out. I made sure I didn’t owe them anything first, of course. I’ve never done anything like that before. But damned if it didn’t feel good. But, I’m still stuck with a cracked tooth and looking for a dentist.

Adulting is hard, yo.

And that catches y’all up for this week. Not a lot physically happened except for the stupid fountain. I need to mentally prepare myself for a bunch of phone calls tomorrow, which I am totally not looking forward to. I hate making phone calls, and I hate making phone calls where I know I’m gonna have to… complain to people. I know that the company we bought the fountain from is going to try and say, “This is the fountain you ordered, now you’re stuck with it.” and we may just be stuck with it, and that’s going to piss me off to no end. I’m already stretched to the point where I want to punch something. Doug and I have actually talked about buying me a punching bag because honestly I think it might help to have one. Anyway, take care y’all. See you next time.

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