Daily life

A Calm Week

So, not much happened this week. I mean, as the title suggests, it was a calm week. I did get to the gym *most* days and did my half hour on the treadmill. It’s not an easy habit to get into, dear reader, especially when one hasn’t exercised regularly for nearly ten years. But, I’m gonna try. I mean, I need to lose some weight because my knees and hips are protesting this extra weight — which was the catalyst for me to lose weight the last time I did so too. Ha! I hate it when my knees hurt. I already don’t eat a lot anyway, so the alternative is to add exercise. Even if it’s a slow walk for the moment. I’m thinking of restarting my old Instagram account and taking a picture every time I exercise. It might be motivational. Maybe.

I did get out and do some socializing this week too. My old support group has gotten back together — post-plague — so that’s a good thing. I missed the people in that group, and I missed having people to talk to. Yeah, I’m a loner and an introvert, but honestly, I still have a need to interact socially once in a while. I’m weird like that. The support group used to meet at my place when Doug and I lived last lived in Albuquerque, and the current admin and I are discussing maybe moving the meetings to my house again since she just went through chemo. I’ll have to do some rearranging of furniture and clean the place up a bit, but it’s doable. After all, I started the group way back when. She took it over when I moved to Washington (state). One of the good things that came out of having people come over every week was it keep my house some semblance of clean. Ha! A hold over from my childhood is that deep seeded need to “clean up” whenever company was coming. Even if it’s company that’s seen my house before. And some friends of ours had a small gathering this week, so we went over to their place. Two social gatherings in the same week. Whew!

Same picture, different day

Anyway, the fountain remains dry and unworking in my back yard. I talked to the company and they said that they’re going to remove it and give us our money back, but it’s slow going… It’s a reputable company, so I believe them. But the whole thing still leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I still do not have a fence in my front yard. The first company has not refunded us for the fence they didn’t put in. Honestly, I’m not gonna hold my breath on that. Expensive lesson learned there. I’ve been way lazy about getting estimates from other companies because we’ve had other expenses come up and it’s turning out to be way more expensive than we first anticipated. The first company lowballed us as well as scammed us. Speaking of the fence, I finally met my next door neighbor (the one to the north) this week. He and I talked about our respective yards, among other things, and he mentioned that he might know someone that could do our fence. I’ll take that with a grain of salt because someone always knows someone. ^_^ I mean, if he does, great! If he doesn’t, I haven’t lost anything, right? But he seems like a nice enough guy.

In other news, I’m waiting for the dentist to get back to me for my dental work. I’m not sure if I mentioned what’s going on with the dentist before. I’m sure I mentioned the broken tooth, but I went in to a different dentist, and this one was much better, way more customer oriented than the one I walked out on. I mean at the very least, this one didn’t insist on doing the work right now. Actually, I’m paying to be sedated, so they’re gonna do everything that needs to be done all in one session. Seems I have four cavities, and of course the root canal and cap for the broken tooth, and my teeth need a deep cleaning since it’s been forever since I’ve had my teeth cleaned (literally forever. I’ve never had my teeth cleaned). Anyway, since I’m having all of that done in one session while sedated, they have to coordinate between the dentist and hygienist, so it’s taking a while to get it scheduled. I don’t mind since my tooth doesn’t hurt.

Mister, a couple of years ago.

We took Mister in for his yearly vet visit a little bit ago, and they put him on NSAIDs for hip pain. He did not have a good reaction to the medication. He started pooping outside of the box almost as soon as we put him on it, and at first I was, “Okay, maybe it’ll stop in a day or two.” But it didn’t stop. It got worse. Way worse. Such is the life when one has elderly pets, I guess. I mean, he is 13 years old. So the vet said to take him off of it and then try it again. We did take him off, and last night we tried it again, so far, so good. But if he starts pooping outside of the box again, he’s so going off it again. He otherwise seems healthy, for an elderly cat. The other pets are doing well. I’m still waiting for the puppy Prozac to kick in for Poptart. I’ll give him the rest of the bottle the vet gave us, that’ll be eight weeks. If it hasn’t kicked in by then, I’ll call it a bust.

And, that brings us up to date. Like I said, not much happened this past week. A bit of socializing here, some phone calls there, and that’s about it. I’m trying to get out and about more and work on my agoraphobia, hence the socializing. That’s also why I joined the gym too, I mean that and the exercise thing. I’m also trying to lessen my screen time. Oh! I kinda-sorta solved my computer problem. Kind of. I reset my computer to factory settings, redownloaded Skyrim and bam! the fan noises are gone. Which is weird. Like way weird. That implies that there was some software glitch (or something) that was causing the fan to kick on whenever Skyrim started. But it’s way annoying too, because resetting the computer to factory settings means I have to reinstall everything and that’s a pain in the ass. Especially when since I forgot a couple of passwords and forgot to write them down. >_< Some passwords can’t be reset, y’all. Grrr. Anyway, it’s done. And that brings us up to date.