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Sharing my world quickly… maybe

I got a grand total of two hours of sleep last night. Not because I couldn’t go to sleep but because I couldn’t stay asleep. My pets kept waking me up. Poptart in particular was restless last night, and when he finally settled down, Mister tagged in and decided it was his turn to keep me awake. Our air conditioner is on the fritz and so it’s freaking hot in our house (it topped out at 101 yesterday, though it didn’t get over 85 in our house because we are well shaded) so the pets aren’t taking it well. I’ll call the company that installed the air conditioner later on and tell them to come look at it, but it might take them awhile. Unlike in the South where one cannot live without AC, it’s perfectly doable here. Not ideal, but doable. Anyway, my brain isn’t working right now, but I’ll give these the good ol’ college try. As usual, head over to Melanie’s blog for the questions without answers, to see other people’s answers, or to participate if you want to.

What did you learn the hard way? Way too many things to list. The one thing that comes to mind is “nice is different than good.” The first minute and a half of this clip…

Which activities make you lose track of time? Any time I get started with Photoshop. Though I don’t do a lot of clipping and pasting in Photoshop, I do try to tweak things. I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 lately and taking screenshots in that game, which is just as beautiful as Skyrim, is… interesting. It has what’s called a photo mode so I can frame the shot and add filters and such. But I’d rather use Photoshop for post processing. Being able to move the camera around freely is neat. Anyway, this is my latest foray into Photoshop.

Why do we seem to think of others the most after they’re gone? Do we? A person barely crosses my mind once they’ve left my life. I mean, yeah, I have memories and will think of them now and again, but once someone is in the past, that’s basically where they stay.

Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first? I have no idea what this means. The sky is blue. That’s a fact that is true. There’s no reason to challenge it.

Please feel free to share your gratitude with everyone! We can all use a boost in spirits from time to time! It’s Doug’s birthday today. He feels old at 53. Ha! I’ll be 55 this year (in August). There was a time when I thought I’d be dead by 55 because of the life I was living. I was living with out direction, and my health was getting worse by the minute. But then I meet Doug and he changed my life forever. He’s my sunshine.

But talk about feeling old. I had this song stuck in my head this morning and thought to myself, some people wouldn’t understand this one… it was before cell phones. Ha!

2 thoughts on “Sharing my world quickly… maybe

  1. Thanks, Willow, for Sharing Your World! I’m sorry to hear about the A/C, but since it doesn’t overly bother you (and thank goodness for shade trees, hmm?) it sounds like it’s more a slight annoyance than a problem. The fur kids do feel the heat indeed, but something I found out a while back (when Ms. Huny was still around) was that if a pet is restless at night, sometimes there’s another animal out in the night, a wild animal or even just the neighbor’s cat. Here there are skunks (oh my gawd the number of skunks!!), raccoons, coyotes, and all kinds of wild critters. Sometimes I think that’s what Ziggy is restless about. I don’t know if cats are territorial like dogs, but maybe Mister just wanted your attention. Their time keeping is so strange.. Anyway, I’m glad to see you out and about, and great job on that Photoshop screenshot! You did an amazing job of brightening it up!! Have a terrific week!


    1. We have the same kind of critters here too. It also could be he’s restless because we’re keeping all of the doors open to keep the airflow going which means Mister has access to my room, which he didn’t before. But Poptart will have to get used to that because we need to have the airflow to keep the house cool. I know Mister wanted my attention and he was all, “Oh, I can come in here now! Cool!” It still made for a restless night. Ha!

      It was a bit better last night, so there’s that. The HVAC company was here just a few minutes ago. They haven’t quite figured out what’s wrong with the AC but he’ll be back tomorrow with a part he didn’t have on his truck (they squeezed us in between appointments) and see if that fixes it. Since it’s still under warranty, hopefully it’ll do the job and that’ll be that.


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