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It’s been a looonnngg week

Last Sunday seems so long ago, dear reader. Like months ago. The week started out uneventfully enough. Last weekend, we went out and bought me a new phone because my old phone wasn’t holding a charge. I *think* we did that on Sunday? I don’t remember. And, unfortunately, the dude at the Verizon store we went to didn’t know what he was doing when he switched sim cards — he actually put it in upside down. I had to do it for him, and things got kind of fucked up. My new phone doesn’t receive text messages. So, it’s been interesting trying to communicate with some people who only communicate through text messages. Also, I have two point verification on a lot of things and that requires that my phone receives text messages. It seems to be something of an issue with this kind of phone, and I haven’t been feeling well enough to go back to Verizon — a different store this time to see if I can get it fixed. Anyway, we got one of these, and I feel right decadent for buying one, but hey, sometimes you’ve gotta treat yourself. I can’t stand how big phones have gotten these days, and this is the answer. We’ve been going through something of a heatwave here in New Mexico this past week. Last weekend, I deemed it hot enough to turn on the air conditioning, and lo and behold, it wasn’t working. I mean, it ran and everything. The fan was blowing but not very much air was coming out, and it wasn’t very cold. It’s a new air conditioner, y’all. We got it installed last year. So it’s still under warranty. Anyway, I called them Monday and we made an appointment for them to come out on Wednesday see what’s what. They called Tuesday and said there was a cancelation and could they come in like, half an hour? I was like, sure! Turns out that even though the filter I could reach was clean (the one in my front room), there was a different filter under the crawl space that was NOT clean. And, guess what, dear reader? You’re not supposed to have two filters on your air conditioner. That one was clogged up. We thought that was the issue, and I paid the man for coming out and crawling under the house and he almost left… but… it wasn’t the issue. The air conditioner still wasn’t blowing air. So he said he would come out again Wednesday and see if they could fix the problem.

It was hot here this week. Hot I tell ya!

And that’s where things got… weird.

I had somewhere to be on Wednesday, so I left it to Doug to deal with the HVAC guys. Turns out they couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with it and they’re gonna replace a part on Monday. Sigh. If you’ll note above, dear reader, it’s been way hot since Wednesday… But! that’s not where the week got weird. No, the weirdness started when Doug went to feed the dogs, and we didn’t realize this until dinner time because, well, I’ll explain in a bit, but Cocoa slipped out while the workers were here. He’s a little stinker like that. He’s a wanderer, and honestly he is the only one of our dogs who really will try to make a break for it. We’re usually really good about keeping the gate closed and locked and making sure the doors are closed and the dog door is blocked whenever people are here. However, he has worked out how to pop the cover off of the dog door. At least we think that’s how he got out. Doug swears up and down that all of the doors were closed while the workers were here, so that’s the only we we can figure that he got outside and out the gate. Actually, we’re not sure how it happened, but off he went, and we didn’t notice it until he wasn’t there at dinner time. Mostly because he likes to sleep under the corner of my desk, and he’s not one to come greet me whenever I come home from running errands, so I didn’t think it weird when I didn’t see him at the door. Anyway, after we couldn’t find him at dinner time, we walked up and down the neighborhood looking for him, which of course we couldn’t find him that way. So then we posted online hoping someone had seen him. And, thank goodness, he was found and taken to a shelter. We had to wait until the Thursday morning to get him, but I’m glad that he was there. He didn’t seem the worst for wear, but we took him to the vet just to make sure. And he’s fine. Just had a little adventure. Doug got a lesson in keeping an eye on the dogs, and we kind of went on with our lives.

Obligatory picture of the miscreant

I think what’s made this a long week, other than the heat, is the on again/off again fever I’ve had. It’s been hovering between 99 and 101 since Thursday. Then it’ll go away for a few hours then it’s back again. It’s totally weird. I don’t feel ill, like a flu or anything. My wrists hurt, and I have a rash on both of my arms. I get lightheaded if I stand for too long and I’ve had to move from my desk to my recliner to my bed because of the lightheadedness. It, plus the heat and no air conditioner has made me really cranky. Doug and I have been snapping at each other all week long and have even yelled at each other. Y’all, we’ve been together for nearly ten years and I think we’ve yelled at each other more this week than we have in the entirety of our relationship. Worry not, dear reader, our relationship is sound. It’s just been a long week.

To end on a good note, the sunflowers are starting to bloom. I wandered out and took a picture of the two little sunflowers that are blooming, or one could be a Jerusalem artichoke, I dunno. I have no idea what those look like and they’re all planted in the same place. Either way, it made me smile. And I could see that the others around these little guys are starting to bloom, so there’s that. I’ve always wanted sunflowers, so here we are. A happy note to end the week. Take care, y’all.

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