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Better late than never SYW

So, if you’ve been following along with my minor drama, my air conditioner still isn’t fixed. But they promise they will have the part by today and we’ll be rolling in cold air by this afternoon. Cross their heart and hope to die. They came and prepped the A/C for this afternoon’s work, so we’ll see. Anyway, I have recovered — mostly — from last week’s malaise. I’m still a little woozy and can’t move around too much, but so long as I take it easy, I seem to do okay. I think my daily walks will have to wait a couple of days more before I start them again. Don’t worry, dear reader, I haven’t given up on them, just put them on the back burner for now. Anyway, I figured I would give the Share Your World a go and here we are. Head over to Melanie’s blog, as always to take a gander at other people’s answers and to participate if you want to. And without further ado, here are this week’s questions:

What’s one question you wish more people asked you? How you doing? You holding up? Anything I can do help? I guess I’m just being whiny, here but a lot of people sure gave me advice on how I could be doing things better but no one really asked me how I was holding up or if there was anything I needed. Of course, I honestly didn’t reach out to anyone and ask for help, so there’s that. I’m going to honest here, dear reader. I’m not used to having friends. Like, I’ve had them in the past when I was much younger, but it’s been a long… long time since I’ve had someone I can reach out to in times of need. Aside from Doug of course. My psycho ex really cut a lot of ties in my life in the short time he wrecked havoc. And since then, I’ve been basically alone, until I met Doug. I’ve had maybe five close friends since then (you know who you are). While I’ve tried making friends, many of the people in my life have been mostly casual acquaintances, online friends, and friends of people I know. I think that it doesn’t help that I don’t have the normal revenues that most adults have for making friends — work, social outlets… stuff like that. I pretty much sit at home most of the day and like, people aren’t gonna come knocking at my door saying, “wanna be my friend?” and if they do I dunno if I want to take them up on that offer. 🙂 Anyway, I digress, it would have been nice among all of that “You could do…” to hear a, “Hey, how are you doing? You holding up? Take care of yourself.” Okay, dear reader, I’ll stop moaning about it now.

Do you like eggs? What’s your favorite way to have them served? I love eggs, most of the time. I will take them served in any way you can cook them except sunny side up. I like my egg whites cooked, thanks. After a think about it, I guess my favorite way to take eggs is scrambled. Like fluffy scrambled. And secondly, I like my eggs over medium, which is almost like over easy except the yolk is a little bit cooked but still a bit runny. I like runny yolks, but I want the white of the egg to be fully cooked.

Thoughts on scary movies? (not horror necessarily, but suspense or action/thrillers) I love scary movies. I hate gratuitous violence. When we were 16, we had a sleepover and we watched a bunch of movies. Some of the scary. Two of those movies were the original Friday the 13th (yeah I’m old) and a movie called The Changeling. Friday the 13th, as y’all know, was the first slice ’em and dice ’em to come out — or was that Halloween? I dunno. They weren’t huge back then. It was, at the very least, the second. Anyway, our mom rented it for our sixteenth birthday party, along with a bunch of others, including The Changeling – which is a supernatural thriller. While I kinda-sorta enjoyed watching Friday the 13th with my friends while watching it, it affected me on a very deep level. It bothered me for weeks. It disturbed me that someone — a group of someones — wrote that. That people acted it out. That people made the special effects. Made it look so real. All so we could, I dunno, enjoy watching people die so horribly — like the Romans at the colosseum or something. And that made me feel incredibly uneasy. I can’t even explain why. I mean, I knew the people on the screen are not dying in a terrible fashion. I understood logically that they are actors and nothing in the movie was true. I knew is was verisimilitude, fiction, made-up, and so on. Honestly, I knew that. But the fact that much of the violence and gore was so unnecessary just… unnerved me. It bothered me then, and it bothers me now. That didn’t happen with The Changeling, which, as I mentioned, is a supernatural thriller. I think there were two jump scares in that movie, but they didn’t distract from the story and one was integral to the story so, yeah. I thoroughly enjoyed The Changeling because of its frightening elements, not despite of them. It was a good ghost story. There was nothing gratuitous about it. So, I’ll watch a movie that’s meant to tell a story that’s frightening, suspenseful, thrilling, and so on, and if it is told well, I will enjoy it. But if said movie is full of jump scares, unnecessary blood, guts, and screaming teenagers falling to their deaths in increasingly gory ways, then yeah, I am not its target audience. Never have been, never will be.

Do you believe in Karma? I saw something the other day… let me see if I can find it.

Photo by Ofir Gafkovich from Pexels edited in Photoshop by me

At this moment, what you are most grateful for? This is going to sound weird, but I am so grateful that I have an adjustable bed. Like, I have a lot of things wrong with me, y’all, and it’s difficult for me to sleep. It helps a lot for me to be able to raise and lower the level level of my head and feet whenever I want.

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  1. Thanks, Willow for Sharing Your World! I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better, those episodes can be fairly daunting. I ‘get’ you about the friend idea. Someone in the health care field calls what you’re describing a ‘support network’ and I think that’s right on the money. It IS nice if someone selflessly volunteers to help out or says “You call me first if you need anything” and they mean it. I lost one of my ‘pillars’ to my support network this year. She passed away. She had been getting increasingly ill herself, and although I didn’t see her at all last year, I heard that she had declined enough that she wasn’t recognizing people and so forth. I knew her and considered her a friend because she was someone that said that “You call me if you need anything” and she meant what she said. She helped so many people. I envy her too because I’d love that ability to forget about myself and my embarrassment at being ‘pushy’ or misunderstood; and just step in where a need is seen or help is asked for. I know if we were neighbors, we’d probably be friends too, at least I hope so. We have similar lives and pets and so forth. But I’ll be satisfied with the online venue (and so you don’t think I’m a creepy stalker! 😉 ) I’m with you on the runny whites. That’s just disgusting, although I do love a runny yolk. Especially with really good toast. Guess what I’m having for dinner! HAHAHAHA. The meme was great, and isn’t that true though? I think some of us (and I’m one) do that thanking bit because we’ve been told to appear grateful or bad things will happen. Put baldly like that I have to wonder if God (whatever face or being one wishes to believe in) admires all the sucking up? Asking for stuff but adding a “but thank you for *insert thing*” at the end to make it balance. Maybe He (she/it) finds it terribly amusing… Have a great week and take care. That bed sounds so comfy too!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Melanie. Doug does the best that he can, but he was not feeling well either. I think we’d be friends too. I’d say more, but my stupid gut is being a pain.


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