Daily life

It’s been a calm week.

Not a lot happened this week. We finally got our air conditioning fixed, and that’s about it. Of course, that was kind of a long process in and of itself. Like, it took days. But it got done. I feel better for it. Doug feels better too. The dogs are all really happy that it’s not so hot in the house. Everyone is sleeping better and life is calm around here right now. This coming week is gonna be busy. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Poptart has a vet appointment Tuesday. I’m hosting a meetup on Wednesday, and Doug and I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday. Like, we have a lot going on next week, but this past week? Not a lot happened. Anyway, there isn’t much to write about. Right now, we’re in a state of lull, waiting for the calm to end and the busy to start. I have to get some paperwork together for our doctor’s appointments since it’s the first time we’re seeing this doctor for both of us — medical history, medications we’re taking, all of that. And as we get older that list gets longer. blah blah blah.

Sorry for the short post today, dear reader. I went out with friends to a small farmer’s market earlier, then Doug and I put some furniture together after that. Then I had to take said furniture outside. I’m wiped. It doesn’t take much to wipe me out these days. But hey, at least the furniture looks nice. It’s patio furniture — I’d take a picture, but it’s out on the patio, and that would require me getting up. Ha! Maybe some other time.

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