Daily life

Mostly, I’m tired

Seriously, y’all. I’m tired.

Last week kind of came and went, and a lot happened, but it’s all kind of a blur. Like we had something to do almost every day, but honestly, dear reader… I don’t remember much of it. I took Poptart to the vet some time in there, and he’s fine. It was mainly a med checkup. We’re taking him and Cocoa back to get their nails trimmed today. Doug and I went to the doctors on Friday, and pending bloodwork, we’re hale and hearty as two people pushing mid-fifties can be. I had a dental appointment and have a brand new fake tooth to show for it. You can’t even tell it’s fake, really. And it’s leaps and bounds better than the last capped tooth I got, which is good, because this one is a canine. Doug and I went out on Saturday to get our bloodwork done, then we went out to eat. And that’s about it. But I’ll tell you what, dear reader, that wiped me out. I can only do one big thing a day, and that’s it… don’t even bother sticking a fork in me, I’m done. And I’m not even having a fibro flare right now.

I did manage to get one major walk in this past week. Like, I had a think about things. I realized that one of the reasons why I wasn’t going out and about anymore was that my mind has convinced me that if I wander about, I might miss something — on the internet. It’s weird, and probably why I almost obsessively check the same three or four websites most of the day — and only two of them are social media websites. It’s as if my brain has somehow conned itself into thinking that if I’m not here to see it, that it (whatever it is) will somehow disappear. I mean, I’m not wrong. Things vanish from teh interwebs all of the time, but so what? It’s not end of the world if I’m not here to see what’s going on. There’s shit happening all over god’s little green Earth that I am completely oblivious of. And that’s okay. So anyway, after having this epiphany, I decided that I would start to go out and about again and start to explore my neighborhood, which is rife with walking paths, stores, and little cafes and such. Last week, I walked to the nearest Starbucks, which is just under a mile from my house. It took me roughly 35 minutes to get there, and I had to rest at the Starbucks for a good half an hour before walking aback, but I did it. And I’ll do it again. I wanted to walk to the nearest McDonalds, but they’re not open for indoor eating. Right now, I’m not walking because I’m just too damned tired and I’ve got a vet appointment for the dogs later, I’ll try again tomorrow. If I don’t have jury duty.

Ah yes, guess who has jury duty this week? Me! I got the summons a bit ago, then I go the second summons last Thursday. I’m supposed to call the hotline today, in about an hour, to see if I’m still needed. And if I am, I need to report at stupid o’clock in the morning and wait to see if I’m needed (again). Y’all know how it works. This is like, the fifth time I’ve been called for jury duty — the second time in New Mexico. I’ve never sat on a jury, mind you, but I’ve been called for jury duty quite a bit. Since we only have one car, Doug will drop me off at the courthouse and I’ll see myself home. Albuquerque does have a decent bus system and I used it a lot when I first moved here. It doesn’t cost a lot to ride, and I’ll get my walk in that way since there aren’t any bus stops near my house. Depending on how long my jury duty lasts, that might be the kick start I need to get my exercise routine going. Unfortunately, I can’t bring my knitting or crocheting in to the courthouse. Phone, yes; textiles, no. Anyway, that’s what I get to look forward to this coming week — the uncertainty of jury duty. Yay! I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Have fun y’all.

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