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Not much to write about

But here we are. I mentioned last Sunday that I had jury duty this week. It didn’t last long. I called on Monday and they told me to come in on Tuesday, so I cancelled all of my plans for the week because, well, jury duty. I spent most of the morning Tuesday in the courtroom and ended up not being selected for the trial. Turns out, I’m basically “on call” for jury duty for the rest of this month and all of August, so I can be called again at any time until the end of August. Fun. Luckily, we were dismissed early enough for me reschedule my eye appointment Tuesday afternoon. I wasn’t expecting them to work me in, but they did. Everything else remained cancelled.

Since my week opened up suddenly, I decided to take a long walk Wednesday morning to the nearby Barnes & Noble, which, if I’da taken the smart route, is a little over a mile away. But my dumb ass took the back way and I ended up adding a good half a mile to my walk (according to Google Maps). Then I decided to walk around the mall B&N is in and do some window shopping. And man, did I get tired. By the time I was done, it was afternoon, and too hot to walk home. I had to call Doug to come pick me up. I took Brandy for a walk the day after — not quite as far. My feet still hurt from overextending myself. But I’m not gonna give up. I miss walking. It’s the only exercise I enjoy. That long walk did lead me to the conclusion that I can walk like I used to… well, I can take those long walks. Just not as fast. I mean, a mile and a half used to be nothing to me, but it’s been years since I even attempted to walk that far, and I’m seriously out of shape. I need to take it slow and steady. But here’s the thing, dear reader, whenever I started walking oh, so long ago, I could barely make it half a mile without breaking into a sweat and losing my breath. It’ll take time before I’m walking five miles just for funsies like I used to. But I will. I will. I don’t like the hermit I’ve become.

Tired Brandy, she looks as tired as I feel.

The last couple of days have also been a callback to things I used to do. Those who have known me a long time might remember that I like to unravel sweaters for yarn. I mean, it’s a cheap way to get good yarn, and it’s the only way I know to get a whole bunch of cotton yarn at a good price. I had an idea at one time that I might sell the yarn online or something, or I might make things from the unravelled yarn and sell those, or I just might make stuff and donate it. I dunno. Mostly right now, I just unravel sweaters that I use for myself. But I might get back into trying to sell it. Anyway, when I was out and about on Wednesday, I bought a couple of sweaters that were on deep sale ($5 instead of $40) at Macy’s. Since there were two of the same color, that means a lot of yarn. I could make at the very least a baby blanket out of the yarn, or a nice shawl. It took me a few hours to unravel each sweater, and now I just need to wash and unkink the skeins of yarn. I got eight in total from the two sweaters. I also started the process of making this dressmaker’s dummy, which I bought the pattern for a year ago. See, dear reader, because of my… what my mom used to call “child bearing hips” and short arms, store bought clothes often don’t fit me very well — shirts and dresses tent to be very tent like, and I don’t like it. But making my own is expensive. Cloth is, like made of gold or something, y’all. It’s outrageously expensive, and don’t even get me started on patterns. It’s way cheaper to buy clothes, and much cheaper to by thrifted clothes, so I figured that altering clothes would be a good compromise. Anyway, I’ve been sick since I bought the pattern and it’s been sitting on my computer, where I downloaded it, since then. Also, I have totally not looked forward to printing out the thirty five pieces of paper, and piecing it all together like a puzzle. And it was every bit as frustrating as I thought it would be. It took me hours to tape it together and cut the pieces out and then make sure everything was lined up correctly. Hours. But it’s done now, and I just have to get the fabric and other paraphernalia, then put it all together. I’ll probably have it complete in about a month or so. 🙂

from Bootstrap Fashions I actually bought the DIY version.

Anyway, not much else happened. Doug will be going to a physical therapist tomorrow for his back and other than tat, not much else is going on. I’m way tired which is why this is so late today, but what can one do? Better late than never, right? Take care, y’all.

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