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Sparks a flyin’

I’ve got my laptop hooked up to my phone so I have about two hours of internet time before my battery runs out. Hopefully, we’ll have power back tonight. The electrician is working on that now. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Okay, last night, like, seconds after we let the dogs in, Doug was battening down the hatches for the night when he heard a thump and noticed lights coming from the back yard. It was this:

Tree branch

It knocked the pole coming from the fuse box — the one attached to the house. I don’t know what it’s called, but it goes to the roof and the line from the pole to the house it attached to it. Anyway, it knocked it right off and was entangled in the line. Like so:

Branch meets power line

Sparks everywhere. Here’s a picture of the top of the fuse box. Don’t worry, dear reader, I didn’t take these until after the power was shut off. Luckily, we don’t have to replace the fuse box. The electrician says that it was just the wires and the pole that was damaged. He thinks that because it’s a new box — we replaced it last year when we put the A/C in — it didn’t take any damage from the spark show. So yay?


So, anyway, we called 911 and the fire department came out and they stood ready to put out any flames that might happen — and they were ready for them to happen, let me tell you that — because there were (as I said) sparks everywhere. But the damage appears to be minimal. The power company came out about 1am and shut down the power. Both the dude from the power company and the firefighters said the same thing, “You need an electrician and an arborist.” So I spent the better part of my morning on the phone trying to find both of those. There were many phone calls made, y’all. The tree company came out about noonish and removed the branch. And after a mad scramble, I did find an electrician — our neighbor across the street happened to be having work done on her house and she kindly lent us her electrician — and they are working on replacing the pole as I type this. Hopefully the city will be out here this afternoon to hook up the power and, even more hopefully, the city will approve everything tomorrow and this will be a footnote in our wild and wacky life. But! I wanted to let y’all know that we’re safe. The pups are safe, Mister is safe. Everyone was inside when the branch came down. We’re need to have the tree company come back and trim the tree back some more because there are a few more branches that are ready to go, and hopefully (knock wood) that will be the end of that.

Now I just have to figure out how to deal with that huge chunk of ice that has formed in my icemaker… I know, trivial problems. But I don’t want it to burn out the motor that’s in the ice dispensing machine. I wonder if I have to pour water down there? I’ll look it when the power comes back on.

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