Daily life

And we have power

So, we were all prepared to go another night without power since we totally thought that the crews from PNM (our local power company) worked sensible business hours unless it was an emergency, and we were okay with that. For those that missed my last post, we lost power due to a tree branch taking our our power line late Sunday night/ early Monday morning, and we’ve been dark ever since. It’s been quite the ride. We got the branch removed on Monday, and our neighbor kindly loaned us her electrician Monday and he fixed what needed fixing by Monday afternoon. We were actually hopeful to have the lights (and more importantly, the AC) back on that night. But alas and alack, that was not to be. Bureaucracy and all of that. So, much of Tuesday was spent going back and forth with PNM trying to figure out where the wires go crossed (no pun intended). And ’round about 4 in the afternoon, we finally got the work order put in to have the power reconnected. So, Doug and I were resigned to one more night without air conditioning or electronical devices. My phone was limping along on 25% batteries.

The pets, as you can imagine were not happy with any and all of this. They were kept inside because of the people coming in and out of the back yard, and then yesterday they were kept inside because we had to keep the gate open for the city inspector and we just didn’t know when he was coming. Plus, no air conditioning for them. Luckily, the temps weren’t that high — mostly high eighties, low nineties. Hot enough I suppose. Anyway, I guess it was too much for Poptart last night because he would not stop panting. All night long, he was pacing and panting on the bed, and keeping me awake. So some time about 1:45 in the morning, I went out into the living room to open some windows and maybe sleep on the couch. As I was opening the window, a big truck pulled up in front of our house with a bright light and I was all, “Why the hell is that truck shining its light on my house?” and my next thought was, “Is that PNM? I should open the gate for them.” Which I did. And they proceeded to reconnect the power at two in the morning. It took them a hot minute, but I totally wasn’t complaining. The poor guy who knocked on our door looked dragged out. Like he was ready to drop. Poor guy.

The troublmaker

Doug and I were like kids at Christmas when things started to pop back to life around the house. It was all, The fan is on! and The ‘fridge is working! and My room has power! Yay! We thanked the dudes (another one came to help the first) and they took their leave. Doug locked the gate, and we fired up the air conditioner. Most of the pets settled down after that, but again, Poptart had had enough of these shenanigans. It took him forever to calm down. I didn’t get much sleep last night, because he insisted on plastering himself against me the entire night, and doesn’t make for a comfortable night at all. But we all survived to the next morning and here I am to tell the tale. It’s not an exciting one to be sure, but there it is. Cocoa and Mister just because. I’m tired, y’all. Sorry for the recycled pictures.

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